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Perlane is a facial filler used to treat facial folds, wrinkles, and lips. Some have used Perlane to augment the chin and cheeks as well. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $875

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I have used restylane in the nasal folds and was disappointed. I had the nasal folds done a year ago with the perlane and still look great. I would highly recommend it. I really think that the doctor needs to know what he or she is doing when putting it in. READ MORE

I had an RN at a plastic surgery center (where I'd had other enhancements) do my Perlane. I have lumps on my face! The bruising lasted almost two weeks. I have a slight decrease in the ginormous wrinkle, but hardly worth it when you consider that in some lights I look pock-marked. Guess... READ MORE

My lips were flat & looked severe and, from the side, masculine. I saw Dr. Jennifer Henderson in the Larrabee Ctr in Seattle, and asked her to make a new upper lip line about 3 mm (in the ctr, and tapering off) above my real lip line. I had had permanent lip color tattooed in, but you could... READ MORE

I have use restylane for two years with "primo" results in my nasalfolbs, lips, nad marionette lines at the corners of my mouth. I used it every 6 months and was told that I have quite a bit of new collegen growth. Last week I decided I would cut the cost and go for the so-called gold,... READ MORE

I get Perlane injections into my lips every 3 mos. now to plump them up.I get 1 syringe each time.I had tried 2 but it costs too much to maintain at 500$ a syringe and it hurt really bad; I think it over-filled.The pain was bad for 3 days I thought my lips were going to explode and fall off!... READ MORE

Wonderful! Very effective with little down time. Tiny bruise but had taken anti-inflammatory meds the week before so could have been avoided. My derm did 1/2 my face and then let me look in the mirror. Oh my gosh. Wow! Wonderful. Then he did the other 1/2. READ MORE

I don't understand some of these reviews that say it went away right away. Perlane is a larger molecule and is therefore expected to absorb more slowly than restylane or juvederm. I decided to ignore these and try it out and I LOVE IT. I had it done to the apples of my cheeks because I... READ MORE

I was so excited about plopping down the %500 to get rid of my parenthesis from my nose to my chin that i didn't feel the needle injections. I actually got perlane not restalyn. At the last minute she told me that it was better and lasted longer so I went for it. I woke up the next morning and... READ MORE

I just had Perlane injections for my nasolabial folds and droopiness at the corners of my mouth. The results are excellent. My folds are totally smoothed out and my mouth doesn't droop down anymore. I look younger. The procedure was a little more intense that I planned for. The novacaine... READ MORE

I had Perlane about two weeks ago. The expense, and discomfort were not worth it. Perlane is made from some type of purified and processed bacteria. What was not told me was that some of these dermal fillers (especially Perlane and Restalyne) have caused sore throats, and colds, in some... READ MORE

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