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Cutera's Pearl laser is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage—and it's FDA-approved. LEARN MORE ›
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Just had Pearl laser done yesterday 3-18-09 I have uneven skin tone, acne scares and large pores etc... I wastn expecting the pain to be as intense as it was, and I would like to think I am not a baby! :) This morning I woke up to find ooozing and a walfle like pattern all over my face!! they... READ MORE

My treatment was very painful, the effects of the numbing cream wire off/were not effective, minutes into my treatment. At the moment I have had a really tough week with little or no sleep due to pain/itching etc. I have painful dermitis and a coldsore at the moment and my skin looks dry and... READ MORE

I felt like I was lied to. What was supposed to be 7 to 10 days of downtime has now turned into several months of healing because something went wrong, they don't know what.I had pearl on my face and chest over a month ago and my chest is still very red and inflamed. And the redness on my face... READ MORE

I had Pearl Laser on Thursday and it is now Sunday.I can finally see my face begin to lighten in redness and the peeling process has begun. My chest, is now tight and itching like crazy and I was told by my aesthetician that performed the treatment that the chest will take longer to heal.What... READ MORE

I had pearl fractional for acne scars. I am at week 4 and I do not see much improvement on my scars plus I still see dots on my face from the laser. I am also still red. I believe I had an agressive treatment and it will probably take 6 weeks for the redness to fade. It took the full 7 days for... READ MORE

First, I must say that I am VERY surprised to see that some people have paid soooo much money for one session. And here I thought that $250 a session (in Southern CA) was expensive. The esthetician (who is an RN) said I would need 2-3 treatments, repeated every 3-4 weeks. My total cost will... READ MORE

I am almost 6 months out and I still have the discoloration, streeks and honey comb appearance covering a large portion of my face.I am 38 and looked fairly young for my age pre-procedure. I have always taken great care of my skin. I now look 5-10yrs older, like I have spent a lifetime in the... READ MORE

I had pearl laser on my whole face and pearl fractional laser done on my eyelids, forehead, around my eyes and mouth.It has now been 30 days and I am still a deep red color and have a honey-comb texture to the areas where the fractional laser was done.Pros- didn't hurtCons - I still won't go... READ MORE

I am a 61 year old white guy with really fair skin. I usually burn long before I tan. I had really bad age spots, sun damage, and rosacea on both cheeks. I had two passes with the new Cutera Pearl Fractional laser three weeks ago.The pain was mild for me. The first day I looked like something... READ MORE

The results of this treatment would look very good if the Doctor would have gone to my eyelids as most of my skin looks much better. The Doctor instead stopped a centimeter below and left dark marks here. Most of my skin healed within 10 days and looked much better, but I still have these dark... READ MORE

I had a Pearl Fractional Laser treatment on my face over 3 weeks ago and my skin is very discolored and streeked, where the laser was used. I am having a hard time covering up these brown patches with mineral make up and am concerned about how long this will be the case. I had even been... READ MORE

I had my first Pearl treatment yesterday. I have a four moderate acne scars and some sun damage. I tried punch-excision last year- and it seemed to make some scars worse. Erasing these scars is a must since I work in TV. The treatment itself wasn't so bad...the passes over the forehead... READ MORE

I decided to have this treatment because I think I am going through a mid-life crisis and looking for something to prevent me from looking so old. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done this. When it is over, I am hoping I will change my mind, but at the moment, I feel like I... READ MORE

I am 54 years old and had the Pearl treatment primarily to reduce the fine lines around my lip lines. My pre-treatment evaluation indicated that compared to other women my age my skin had fewer wrinkles, better pore size and less sun damage than average. However, the technician said I had... READ MORE

Yesterday I had the a Pearl Laser resurfacing procedure. It was painful but tolerable. The laser works in short bursts and when the pain would start building the burst would be over and it then on to the next spot. The most painful areas are the hairline and the forehead. The whole process... READ MORE

Pros: It was a fairly quick procedure. Numbing cream and blocking helped. Discomfort was minimal. Not too costly given anticipated long term effects. Slothing occurred within 2 days. My skin was almost done by day 3. Swelling was down in a day. Cons: Constantly soaking w/vinegar-water... READ MORE

I want to provide my experience for people that are considering the treatment since there is a lack of acccurate information out there. I've had my share of peels, microderm, etc. so not a virgin to this type of thing. I'm 39 with pretty good skin to begin with. My main goals were: 1) to... READ MORE

I am 29 years old and I have enlarged pores and after the treatment which has been 2 weeks i still have enlarged pores. The treatment hurt even after the numbing cream. I have seen NO results whatsoever and it's been 2 weeks. It was a waste of money.I still have fine lines. I am very... READ MORE

I have lived in Florida my entire life and have been a sun addict for MANY years. I have a lot of freckles and spots from the sun, all over my face and body. (not to mention premature wrinkles) I had the Pearl treatment done 2 weeks ago and I have to admit, my skin does look smoother. But,... READ MORE

I have been working with the {edited - provider information appears at the top of the review for registered users} in Mt. Vernon, IL and they are fabulous. I have a darker, more olive colored complexion and was scared of the possibility of a radical change in pigment from a dermabrasion or CO2... READ MORE

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