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Cutera's Pearl laser is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage—and it's FDA-approved. LEARN MORE ›
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I had pearl laser on some wrinkles and its worthless, it's a complete scam! it's good for the first couple of days then the lines just re-appear and the skin goes back to how it was before. It even says on the form that it may not produce any results at all. People were right, it is... READ MORE

This is so not worth it, i had this done 3 months ago, and see NO difference at all. They said this is the gift that keeps giving, i'd like to know when. I swelled up so bad i was unreconizable, i was scared i would scar. The skin reaks for days, the downtime is not just a few days, i was... READ MORE

I am on day 2 of my second Pearl. My first, with the same doctor was well worth it. He was candid about everything & told me I would likely want one more to achieve the results I wanted. I am 39, have olive, thick skin - mild acne scarring, uneven texture, & large pores. I had... READ MORE

I have acne scars; not serious but enough that it was noticeable.I had the procedure done almost 2wks ago.I still see the scaring but hope for the best. Only the people that know I got it done seem to make comments on my skin, so it's hard to know if there really is a difference. I will... READ MORE

It has been a exactly three weeks since my Pearl Laser treatment, and I look horrible! My face is still red and blotchy and I get stares from people every where I go! A friend of mine asked me if I was suffering from some kind of skin allergy. I am so frustrated and disappointed! I did it to get... READ MORE

I am 39 years old and had premature wrinkling under my eyes, but also my eyelids were beginning to droop. My doctor told me the Pearl would get rid of the wrinkles and tighten up my eyelids. After my surgery in June, the skin under my eyes never peeled as expected. Doctor wasn't sure why it... READ MORE


I had my Pearl done 4 weeks ago and I have to say I look ten years younger! I told nobody about my treatment and today I ran into a friend who asked me if I changed my makeup because my skin looked great.It was a long 4 weeks living with the dryness, breakouts and sunburned look but now after... READ MORE

I spent $600 for my face, and another $600 for my chest. Normal price is $1000 per location.Pro - one treatment and you are done (unlike fraxel, which needs 4)Pro - I can definitely see smoother skin one week laterCon - you are truly "down" for 4 or more days, soaking skin in vinegar... READ MORE

I am 40 yrs old. I had the traditional Pearl procedure 4 days ago on my entire face. I was pre-medicated with oral Valium, topical numbing cream and injectable lidocaine. Despite the numbing meds, the pain level during the procedure was probably still a 7 on a scale of 1-10. The heat... READ MORE

I had the Pearl Fractional done a week ago today. I am not sure of the results as of yet. I had the procedure done mainly for lines above and below my mouth area. I have good skin but am 50 years of age so do have wrinkles around the eyes as well.The whole procedure wasn't very painful. Maybe a... READ MORE

I had pearl under my eyes to rid of lines that were mostly visible and at their worse when I smiled. Now they are MORE prominent without smiling, and I look aged and tired! Is this going to dissipate? what can I do? we did this to remove the skin layer and reduce the wrinkling (I have beautiful... READ MORE

I had my first pearl laser yesterday. There was Mild pain and right now my face is full of vaseline and pink. Sleeping is uncomfortable because of the vaseline. I can't wait to see the result in few days. Will update in a few days. I hope it is worth it after paying lots of money. READ MORE

I had my first Pearl Laser done in June of 2007. I had it done for severe sun damage and acne scarring. I was thrilled with the results. When the Fractional came out I couldn't wait for my provider to get it. I thought if Pearl could be so dramatic then Fractional was going to be amazing... READ MORE

Had this procedure done for mild acne scarring and some fine lines and wrinkles as recommended by beauty therapist. unsure whether to go ahead at first but therapist convinced me it would be helpful. was shown pictures of days after recovery and as effects looked mild i went ahead. big mistake... READ MORE

I did the pearl laser including the eyes on wed 11AM. It is now Saturday morning; I am still not peeling. The auctual procedure did sting with some areas feeling like you got popped with hot grease. However as soon as you feel the sting it is over so the procedure is tolerable. My face felt as... READ MORE

I am a 45 year old female. I had the pearl laser 4 days ago (note: I had a late appt. so when I drove home it was dark & nobody saw my red face w/the Aquaphor). The pain of the procedure wasn't too bad due to the numbing cream applied 45 minutes prior to the procedure. The only real... READ MORE

I had the Pearl laser four days ago. It was painful, even with the numbing cream, and my face felt hot and tight for the first 24 hours. I took Benadryl due to itchiness and to help me sleep the first two nights. For the first few days you have to keep your skin very moist with Vaseline or... READ MORE

I just had pearl fractional done on my entire face yesterday. I had block freezing done on my face to reduce any pain. The level of pain was stilll about 4 on 10. Today it is still very hot, and my face is extremely red. Yesterday it bled quite a bit and today the bleeding has stopped. I am... READ MORE

Just had Pearl laser done yesterday 3-18-09 I have uneven skin tone, acne scares and large pores etc... I wastn expecting the pain to be as intense as it was, and I would like to think I am not a baby! :) This morning I woke up to find ooozing and a walfle like pattern all over my face!! they... READ MORE

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