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My reason for the surgery was because I was tired of the difficulty i was having breathing through my right nostril. its was a problem I've had most of my adult life and it was a problem that was getting worse as I got older, specially when I got sick or when the weather was very dry. with out... READ MORE

I had a broken nose and septum. I had two surgeries with dr. Loots. The first surgery was to reset and align my fractured nose. The second surgery was to rebuild my septum, shave down a bump, correct a curve. Dr. Liotta was the BEST surgeon. Each surgery went perfectly and my recovery time was... READ MORE

I was dreaming about nose surgery since I was 12 years old, I wasn't sure if I want to go thru all procedures. When I came to the office of Dr. Schoenfeld he explained me everything and when I left I knew I will defenetly do that. Everything was very easy, he is always avalable to ask him any... READ MORE

I shattered my nose and Dr. Prichard made it look as good as new! My surgery was only about 20 minutes long and my nose was casted for only 8 days. I was able to go back to all the normal activities I am used to in just 6 weeks. I would definitely say the surgery was totally worth it! I would... READ MORE

Ten years ago I was involved in a horrible car accident where I was left with a nose that was smashed into tiny pieces and a gash going down my forehead. I couldn’t be anymore grateful Dr. Passaretti was the plastic surgeon on-call that night at the hospital. I didn't know who he was…never... READ MORE

I was told that the huge growth on my nose had to be removed as it was becoming difficult for me to breathe at night, and it was growing larger each day. It was a build up of tissue from years of rosacea. I was concerned that I would look like a burn victim after the procedure. Instead I look... READ MORE

I had my nose reconstructed with Dr. Smith. It was a facial cell culture in the nose, then replaced. My procedure was on June 17th, but there were actually two procedures. It was quite an experience. I was referred to him through East Side Dermatology. My nose looks great right now. I am... READ MORE

I had a Endoscopic endonasal resection pf pituitary tumor. A large brain tumor that was removed through my nasal passage. Doctor Karimi was the Ear, Nose & Throat doctor that cleared the passage for the Neurosurgeon to extract the tumor during a four hour emergency surgery. I'm confident in... READ MORE

As talking to Dr. Maloney, he immediately grasped my medical goals in the surgery. He understood what I was suffering from. He used the computer imaging to map out the options- that was a nice tool in evaluating options. I am very please with my end results with my nose procedures. My medical... READ MORE

I visited Girin plastic surgery after a lot of many good online reviews about the clinic.I went for rhinoplasty, fat injection at the nasolibial folds. but otherwise I beleive I had have beautiful face before the surgery.Dr Lee who is the only plastic surgeon working with another eye surgery... READ MORE

Surgery was necessity post botched Mohs procedure by dermatologist. The tip of my nose had a big cavern in it which needed a flap cut to cover. Incision started between eyes and continued down to the tip, so basically involved the entire nose. In the six months post surgery, the nose has... READ MORE

I had my nose surgery for functional and cosmetic reasons. I was hesitant at first because I never had any other kind of surgery in my life. My nose was crooked and I always had problems smelling and breathing through my nose. The surgery went well and I felt no pain during or after surgery. For... READ MORE

Since I was a teenager I knew I was embarrassed by my profile and figured that it would always be too expensive or scary for me. I finally went into a consultation with Dr. Salzhauer and was immediately made comfortable with his confidence and experience, and then was offered a price and a... READ MORE

A different surgeon, having nothing to do with Dr. Williams practice, removed a basal cell cancer from my nose and completely disfigured it. The way I can describe it, it looked like a pig's nose; he told me not to be a baby when I called obviously very upset and then responded in a letter that... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty procedure done by a different doctor but it didn't come out right. My EENT doctor referred me to Dr. Chatham and I wasn't disappointed. He did an excellent job, he took care of my concerns and now I have more confidence and have recieved compliments from family and friends.... READ MORE

Dr. Fedele is a great doctor. He is an artist and a perfectionist. You won't look "done" . His office staff is professional and friendly, except for Cathy ( unfortunately the one who answers the phone). She is scary mean and has a terrible attitude. You have to be ready to call the office... READ MORE

Selected Dr Ashok after going for consultation to 3 Doctors to perform my nose surgery. Though slighly more expensive than the others i chose Dr Ashok and didnt hasitate after meeting him for his professional approach, human nature and most importantly his appointment keeping which many doctors... READ MORE

Had MOHs surgery on nose due to skin cancer. 1st Plastic surgeon left me deformed. Sought another Dr. @ Mt Sinai Hospital with little results. Was referred to Dr. Saigal thru another surgeon. He did beautiful work on my nose. and don't feel uncomfortable about my appearance. I would highly... READ MORE

After years of dealing with compromised breathing through my nose I finally have relief. I had previously broken my nose twice and injured it several other times playing sports. I had a deviated septum, severe curvature of nose cartilage, and one ENT told me I was only getting 35% of air... READ MORE

I always wanted a smaller nose! I had a very wide nose and when I smiled it spread across my face! I looked into alarplasty and reviewed pics and also reviews on this website (which is absolutely awesome) I found Dr. Losquadro at MKMG. He is very professional and gives you his full attention to... READ MORE

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