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Hi im an iranian guy with brunnete and thick skin i had a surgeory on my nose a year ago but not only it`s still big it starting to grow thicker and thicker my dr has given up to reform it and any other drs evade from acting on my nose what should i do?i hate my nose READ MORE

After doing online research, I saw Dr. Buckingham for a rhinoplasty and septoplasty in August. Dr. Buckingham exhibits a lot of knowledge and confidence. From the first impression, the guy knows what he's doing. He's competent and confident. My deviated septum was really causing problems. ... READ MORE

Most surgeries in Poland are around the same price, this one was one of the cheapest (cheapest was £2000) but Nina was really responsive and helpful to my emails, which made me feel more comfortable than many of the other places i emailed. Although I am very very scared for the procedure now!... READ MORE

I highly recommend if you suffer from allergies go see doctor Reinstadler. I wish I would have done this year's ago. The doctor and his staff are amazing. I thought I was going to be in a lot of pain after the surgery but I wasnt..Big PLUS PLUS for me. The nurses after my surgery were... READ MORE

I came into his office for multiple visits. I came in for nose surgery. The wait time was not so great usually 45 minutes. Each time he left me with questions unanswered. He was also intimidating. However I trusted his experience and went for the surgery. I now regret my decision. The... READ MORE

Dr Sabbag is amazing I loved my nose veeeeeeeeeeery much after the nose job he did on me. Thank you soooooo much. I look 10 year younger after the surgery and I look more beautiful everyone sees me says it was dramatically a big great change. I will come back for fat transfer I trust Dr. Sabbag... READ MORE

I got a nose job a few months back and I am in love! I was really concerned about the downtime, especially in regards to the gym because it is one of my passions. I had very little interruption as the procedure felt quick and very minor pain. The most pain I felt was pressure. The first two... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Smith for nasal surgery on August 5th; I was referred by my sleep doctor. Dr. Smith was very knowledgeable. I am happy with the results, and I will easily recommend Dr. Smith to anyone thinking about the same procedure. His staff and nurses were also very professional and thorough... READ MORE

My nose was destroyed in a wreck. I went to Dr. Brissett and immediately felt that I had come to the right place for the best care possible. This proved to be 100 percent correct. Regina his assistant was and is wonderful. Dr. Brissett was the most skilled surgeon I have ever encountered. ... READ MORE

I visited and had consultations with many doctors prior to choosing Dr. Friedman. I highly recommend that you save yourself the time searching and go with the perfectionist and expert, Dr. Friedman. I am far beyond satisfied with my results. He is also incredibly humble, kindhearted,... READ MORE

On May 6th, I had nasal surgery with Dr. Stephen Smith. A friend of mine had given me the recommendation. I have also known multiple people to use him. My procedure went really easily. The recovery was easy, too. Not much pain. Dr. Smith made everything simple and so far, my results look... READ MORE

My reason for the surgery was because I was tired of the difficulty i was having breathing through my right nostril. its was a problem I've had most of my adult life and it was a problem that was getting worse as I got older, specially when I got sick or when the weather was very dry. with out... READ MORE

I was dreaming about nose surgery since I was 12 years old, I wasn't sure if I want to go thru all procedures. When I came to the office of Dr. Schoenfeld he explained me everything and when I left I knew I will defenetly do that. Everything was very easy, he is always avalable to ask him any... READ MORE

I shattered my nose and Dr. Prichard made it look as good as new! My surgery was only about 20 minutes long and my nose was casted for only 8 days. I was able to go back to all the normal activities I am used to in just 6 weeks. I would definitely say the surgery was totally worth it! I would... READ MORE

Ten years ago I was involved in a horrible car accident where I was left with a nose that was smashed into tiny pieces and a gash going down my forehead. I couldn’t be anymore grateful Dr. Passaretti was the plastic surgeon on-call that night at the hospital. I didn't know who he was…never... READ MORE

I was told that the huge growth on my nose had to be removed as it was becoming difficult for me to breathe at night, and it was growing larger each day. It was a build up of tissue from years of rosacea. I was concerned that I would look like a burn victim after the procedure. Instead I look... READ MORE

I had my nose reconstructed with Dr. Smith. It was a facial cell culture in the nose, then replaced. My procedure was on June 17th, but there were actually two procedures. It was quite an experience. I was referred to him through East Side Dermatology. My nose looks great right now. I am... READ MORE

I had a Endoscopic endonasal resection pf pituitary tumor. A large brain tumor that was removed through my nasal passage. Doctor Karimi was the Ear, Nose & Throat doctor that cleared the passage for the Neurosurgeon to extract the tumor during a four hour emergency surgery. I'm confident in... READ MORE

As talking to Dr. Maloney, he immediately grasped my medical goals in the surgery. He understood what I was suffering from. He used the computer imaging to map out the options- that was a nice tool in evaluating options. I am very please with my end results with my nose procedures. My medical... READ MORE

I visited Girin plastic surgery after a lot of many good online reviews about the clinic.I went for rhinoplasty, fat injection at the nasolibial folds. but otherwise I beleive I had have beautiful face before the surgery.Dr Lee who is the only plastic surgeon working with another eye surgery... READ MORE

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