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A large hole was left in the left side of my nose when the cancer was removed by a Dermatologist/Surgeon so repair was definitely needed and Dr. John Cassel was consulted and agreed to perform the surgery. He deftly cut skin from my left cheek and folded it over to cover the hole left by my... READ MORE

I had broken my nose to the point where I needed surgery to repair both the crookedness and my deviated septum. Dr. Papel was recommended to me from more than one source and I could not be happier with the work he did. The recovery time was about a week with a return visit and a follow up after... READ MORE

Dr. Kotler performed surgery on my nose and had lipo under my chin 10 years ago. Although he was very nice, the work done ended up being very poor. So bad, in fact that I'm going to have to find another doctor to address both areas that Dr. Kotler did, which both have problems obvious and... READ MORE

I came to see Dr. Weber for a deviated septum and strange bone growth on my jaw. I wanted to have both fixed at the same time if possible. I had met with previous doctors prior to meeting with Dr. Weber but as soon as my wife and I met him we knew he was the perfect doctor for me. He was... READ MORE

From the first consultation, I felt very secure and confident that I would be in great hands. I felt so safe and certain that I even felt no anxiety leading up to the operation.I could not breathe through my right nostril before the operation, now I can finally get to sleep and breathe... READ MORE

I had a perfect experience - I am completely healed. No more swelling. Excellent results. Septoplasty and turbinoplasty. (my turbinates were inflamed and my septum was deviated). He compared my scans with different scans of normal-sized turbinates and a straight septum - something that really... READ MORE

My motivation to do my surgery was to be able to breathe through my nose again. I breathe through my mouth and it is very loud. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea. After consulting 2 sleep apnea doctors with differing opinions, the second one wanted me to see an ENT. I have always had... READ MORE

I did it 3 1/2 year ago....the surgery went well...the nose itself look nice but this is not the face I like ...nobody is talking about the front it changes your expression, the tip is pointing out when I smile, awful... sometimes i dont get up so I do not heve to face myself in the... READ MORE

Dr. Capone was referred to me after I had a bad fall down a flight of stairs and landed on my face. I broke bones in my cheek, nose and jaw. He explained what he would do and what outcome to expect. He was able to straighten my nose and decided during the surgery to leave the bone in the cheek... READ MORE

Wow, where do I even begin?? My experience thus far with Dr. Zuliani has been nothing short of AMAZING to say the least. I broke my nose 6 different times when I was a child and saw a U of M doctor for 3 out of my 4 surgeries. All of my surgeries involved major reconstruction and cartilage... READ MORE

My experience was terrible wouldn't go there for any thing again nose job look terrible no improve left terrible scare on my face , nostrils left uneven , please think twice before going there . would not say much when I would go to follow up i told him that my nose look terrible he said... READ MORE

My nose has been an issue for me for a while. I guess I'm just conscious of it, no one has ever given me reason to hate it, I just saw a few pictures of myself laughing and thought "WOW that's not ok"... I always thought it was too long and my nostrils were too big (I can probably fit 2 fingers... READ MORE


Had a terrible black out due to the b/p meds back in April 2012, had head and neck injuries and fractured nose,got a bump on nose and went to 1side ..when I went to Lopez' office I know he comprehended and he saw the CT scan and the severity of my nose fracture and I told him how my nose was... READ MORE

Throughout my childhood/early teen years I was defiant to accept my biological nose. I could not stand the view of the particularly large width, undefined tip, and small bump. It especially made me upset to view my profile and see somewhat of a beak. This flaw was something that I could not stop... READ MORE

My first rhinoplasty at 22 was a disaster. I acquired an infection from the procedure that ate away my cartilage leaving a large indentation in the dorsum of my nose. Dr. Viera thought it was a skin contraction so “stimulated” it by jamming a needle in and out of my nose numerous times... READ MORE

I've never been very fond of my nose and finally decided to bite the bullet and get the procedure done. It has only been a week and I can not believe how good the nose looks and how well I feel. I attest this to the amazing surgeon I chose. So my best advice is do you research and trust your gut... READ MORE

Dr. Chaboki performed a septoplasty/rhinoplasty on me. The surgery went well. In addition to being able to breathe normally through my nose for the first time, it also looks good. The whole process went exactly the way that Dr. Chaboki described it the first time I met with him. My nose still... READ MORE

I was horrified when I saw the amount of skin that was removed from my nose (three locations) due to the Mohs skin-cancer surgery I had at the dermotologist, and the large holes that were there (it seemed like half my nose was gone). I was pretty certain that I would be disfigured permanently.... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty in 2007 so I am going on my sixth year now. I was quite satisfied with my nose for the first year and a half or so.. I have difficulty breathing in my right nostril ( I assume its due to a deviated septum) and the skin near the upper bridge of my nose has become discolored... READ MORE

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