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Everything you need to know about nose jobs—find out all the pros and cons of rhinoplasty and septoplasty. LEARN MORE ›
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Let me start this review by explaining a bit about my nose. All throughout my teenage years I have always wanted to change the appearance of my nose. My nose has always been my least favorite aspect about my face and it didn't help that it was ultra sensitive to dust and allergens therefore... READ MORE

I had broken my nose when I was 18, and as I've gotten older I've started having breathing issues, so I had my septum straightened by Dr. Nachlas about 3 weeks ago. The initial consultation is very informative and they went over all the procedure to know what to expect. It was very well done. I... READ MORE

Scared of ruining a pretty nose to straighten completely. Did not what the "nose job nose". Couldn't not breath very well, was impacting quality of life. I can breath!!! No one can tell I had a nose job, I am never asked if I have had one and still get compliments on my nose structure. Gallo... READ MORE

Great experience. Dr Fryer did an outstanding job and nobody would ever know that work was done. I have had several friends and family members with long term issues when a deviated septum has occurred. I haven't had any issues and recovery was fast. He was very specific on explaining to me... READ MORE

I had an infected nasal implant from a rhinoplasty done a couple of years ago (by a different doctor). By the time I was referred to Dr. Zemplenyi I was so stressed out. He spent the most time any doctor has ever spent with me explaining the need for it to be removed and what could be done to... READ MORE

My care from Dr. Ezzat has been excellent! He was the seventh doctor I consulted with over eight years of nasal breathing issues but he was the first to give me relief. The day of my surgery, he stepped in when my scheduled surgeon couldn't make it. Dr. Ezzat put no pressure on me to move... READ MORE

DO Not go to this doctor for a nose job. I had my nose done with this doctor. I told him I wanted a slimmer nose. Well I got the slimmer nose however it came out crooked. My natural nose was nowhere near crooked and I had bumps arise after the nose job also. I addressed this at the follow up... READ MORE

I decided to fix my nose mainly for the fear of my nose getting worse as I get older. I broke my nose and never realized it until a few years later. I would have problems breathing through both nostrils while doing any kind of exercises and would wake up in the middle of the night with one... READ MORE

From the moment that I walked in the door I was impressed by Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. The attention I received and warming environment set them apart from the beginning. I did a lot of consulting prior to finding Dr. Nguyen but never found a surgeon and staff that I felt so comfortable with.... READ MORE

I was impressed with the whole procedure. The doctor explained and advised me that the most appropriate treatment will be narrowing of the nostrils and not a full nose job. I went ahead with the surgery as he had recommended. The surgery was almost painless and few weeks later I could notice a... READ MORE

I went to Doctor Rain because I was referred to him by a friend. I had a large crooked nose and also problems breathing in and out my nose. I got the surgery done and when I got the bandage of I was horrified it looked worst that it did originally and it was actually more crooked then what I... READ MORE

I just had a nose job done with Prof Somyos Kunachak from Yoskarn Clinic in Bangkok. I'd like to share with everyone that I'm really very pleased with the final result. It's even better than what I expected. Although my bridge is not that low to start with, I had a rather bulbous and round tip,... READ MORE

My reason for a new nose was because I felt like my nose was to wide. I did not like my side view. The pros were that I love my doctor he is the best. He was so sweet and took his time explaining what I should except after the surgery. The cons were not being able to breathe after the... READ MORE

A large hole was left in the left side of my nose when the cancer was removed by a Dermatologist/Surgeon so repair was definitely needed and Dr. John Cassel was consulted and agreed to perform the surgery. He deftly cut skin from my left cheek and folded it over to cover the hole left by my... READ MORE

I had broken my nose to the point where I needed surgery to repair both the crookedness and my deviated septum. Dr. Papel was recommended to me from more than one source and I could not be happier with the work he did. The recovery time was about a week with a return visit and a follow up after... READ MORE

Dr. Kotler performed surgery on my nose and had lipo under my chin 10 years ago. Although he was very nice, the work done ended up being very poor. So bad, in fact that I'm going to have to find another doctor to address both areas that Dr. Kotler did, which both have problems obvious and... READ MORE

I came to see Dr. Weber for a deviated septum and strange bone growth on my jaw. I wanted to have both fixed at the same time if possible. I had met with previous doctors prior to meeting with Dr. Weber but as soon as my wife and I met him we knew he was the perfect doctor for me. He was... READ MORE

From the first consultation, I felt very secure and confident that I would be in great hands. I felt so safe and certain that I even felt no anxiety leading up to the operation.I could not breathe through my right nostril before the operation, now I can finally get to sleep and breathe... READ MORE

My motivation to do my surgery was to be able to breathe through my nose again. I breathe through my mouth and it is very loud. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea. After consulting 2 sleep apnea doctors with differing opinions, the second one wanted me to see an ENT. I have always had... READ MORE

I did it 3 1/2 year ago....the surgery went well...the nose itself look nice but this is not the face I like ...nobody is talking about the front it changes your expression, the tip is pointing out when I smile, awful... sometimes i dont get up so I do not heve to face myself in the... READ MORE

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