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I had a rhinoplasty procedure done by a different doctor but it didn't come out right. My EENT doctor referred me to Dr. Chatham and I wasn't disappointed. He did an excellent job, he took care of my concerns and now I have more confidence and have recieved compliments from family and friends.... READ MORE

Dr. Fedele is a great doctor. He is an artist and a perfectionist. You won't look "done" . His office staff is professional and friendly, except for Cathy ( unfortunately the one who answers the phone). She is scary mean and has a terrible attitude. You have to be ready to call the office... READ MORE

Selected Dr Ashok after going for consultation to 3 Doctors to perform my nose surgery. Though slighly more expensive than the others i chose Dr Ashok and didnt hasitate after meeting him for his professional approach, human nature and most importantly his appointment keeping which many doctors... READ MORE

Had MOHs surgery on nose due to skin cancer. 1st Plastic surgeon left me deformed. Sought another Dr. @ Mt Sinai Hospital with little results. Was referred to Dr. Saigal thru another surgeon. He did beautiful work on my nose. and don't feel uncomfortable about my appearance. I would highly... READ MORE

After years of dealing with compromised breathing through my nose I finally have relief. I had previously broken my nose twice and injured it several other times playing sports. I had a deviated septum, severe curvature of nose cartilage, and one ENT told me I was only getting 35% of air... READ MORE

I always wanted a smaller nose! I had a very wide nose and when I smiled it spread across my face! I looked into alarplasty and reviewed pics and also reviews on this website (which is absolutely awesome) I found Dr. Losquadro at MKMG. He is very professional and gives you his full attention to... READ MORE

I had a big bump on the inside of my nose which look really bad in side profile, i work with him and i decide to have him as my surgen, im happy with results, my bump is gone which is the most important of all. i could finally breath now and sleep alot better. i was very scared at first but when... READ MORE

Look no further, book your surgery with him! I had both a deviated septum corrected as well as cosmetic surgery to subtly change and straighten my nose as well as narrow the tip, done in one, awesome single surgery. I came in with a dorsal hump as well as a bit of a bulbous tip with a line/split... READ MORE

The first red flag was the rude office staff. I was given a computer imaging of what I wanted my nose to look like from Dr. John's office. This is what we agreed it would look like. Results were nothing like the computer imaging that he led me to believe it would look like. When I called to see... READ MORE

I found Dr. Totonchi after a meandering road that started with a headache so bad I went to the emergency room. I have suffered from severe headaches for years, and before I had my procedure done in October of 2014, I was taking prescription painkillers 4-5 times a week and still being... READ MORE

My motivation for the nose surgery was to raise my self esteem and feel secure about my self. The great thing about the surgery was that there was no pain, it was fast, and can go back to work withing three days. The cons of the surgery was just the discomfort of having the tape on my nose for a... READ MORE

Although I am still in the recovery stages. I am very pleased with the outcome. I was scared to death of various things and making sure my mom was taken care of as I am her caregiver. Though Dr Wayne could note calm all my stresses, but he and his staff did an excellent job. From consult... READ MORE

One week post open surgery. I wanted this since I was a kid. Now I'm 25 and finally saved up enough money to do it. My nose is so swollen but the bridge looks good. My doctor says it looks good and i should give it time to heal. Its to early to say anything. I think he is professional and has... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Bared regarding an issue I had breathing out of one side of my nose. I was nervous but the staff and Dr. Bared made me feel at ease. The staff were very polite and I felt comfortable asking Dr. Bared any questions I had. The whole process from consultation, surgery thru recovery... READ MORE

I went in for the consultation, about a month ago. While I was afraid of getting surgery since I have never had surgery before. Dr. Bruno and all his staff made me feel comfortable and reassured. I was very comfortable, and I didn't feel judged. I am going to go in for my surgery in about a ... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Smith for nose surgery on April 6th. He was recommended to me by my mother. Dr. Smith is an excellent doctor, very friendly and a good listener. He is also easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anybody. So far, I am happy with my results. He made this experience as easy and... READ MORE

From the first time I met Dr. Liotta, I knew that she was extremely professional and confident in her field. After speaking to her for about a half hour, I felt comfortable enough to make an appointment for my first surgery ever. She is very welcoming, along with the rest of her staff, and knew... READ MORE

I had Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose and it had to be removed by MOHS surgery with the outcome being that the entire right side of my nose in the middle to the tip was removed. Dr. Peter Johnson performed a reconstruction that was truly outstanding , using skin from my cheek. I just had the... READ MORE

I hope my review will help others in making a good decision when looking for a Doctor ! Once it is done it is done no turning back you have to deal with the outcome of the surgery and sometimes it is horrible please do your research before deciding to go through with surgery! What happen to me... READ MORE

Dr. Salzhauers is an amazing surgeon! He is humble and truly understanding. I went in to get my nose fixed and told him all that was bothering me. He then analyzed my nose and gave his feedback and said all that was bothering me could be fixed. The few minutes right after surgery I was comforted... READ MORE

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