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I'm glad I did because he knew what he was doing and my results are 100 times better than what I ever imagined. My nose was jacked up before surgery. I couldn't breathe and it didn't look great either. I was really really nervous about my nose looking "fake" or "not me" after the surgery but I... READ MORE

Ever since I reached the age of 15 I have hated my nose. I remember my stepdad teasing me about having an "Egyptian nose" and how I hated it. Without really realizing it he started my hate for my nose. It had a huge hump on it, and my profile was horrible. You could say it was a very masculine... READ MORE

I alwasy wanted a nose job since i was in 6th grade, I am 23 and finally! after saving all year i got it October 21, 2011, so i am 5 months post op... But i am confused...i dont know what is my problem...i guess i felt more confident with my big nose.. then this new one... i know i look... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty on 20th Jan,2010 ,so its almost 11 weeks ,I'm so unhappy with the result,I don't recognize myself in mirror,my smile changed , now I put my hand to hide my smile , I was so proud my smile , but not anymore!! I find my nose is too short and flat , tip is pinched ,... READ MORE

Please, if somebody had the same experience as me and then the swelling went down and it correct ifself let me know. Thanks  and God bless to you all. I had 3 surgeries at the same time, eyelids, nose and breast. I am soo depresed because of the surgeries (specially my nose and... READ MORE

I had external Septorhinoplasty on the 7th of May 2009 as a result of a direct blow to my nose causing a fracture (deviated Septum).Consequently I had difficulty breathing but of more concern to me was the bump forming on the dorsum which appeared to make my nose asymmetrical. Upon... READ MORE

Hi im an iranian guy with brunnete and thick skin i had a surgeory on my nose a year ago but not only it`s still big it starting to grow thicker and thicker my dr has given up to reform it and any other drs evade from acting on my nose what should i do?i hate my nose READ MORE

I had a major accident on 3/21/2014 i suffered so many injuries but the one i went to go see dr. khosh about was for my broken nose when i was 15yrs old i got hit in the face with a baseball that broke my nose i never got it fixed so because of that i always had a big bump on the bridge of my... READ MORE

Broke my nose after car accident- had bump on my nose and dr bull asked me if I had that before!! No I didn't! 2 nasal bones broke and he asked me if that bump was always there? really? My ins paid for the fix of bump - but when I asked him if he could just narrow my nose abit while he was... READ MORE

I couldn't breath well through my left nostril which was pushed in the cavity as a result of the accident I had. Also, I end up with a crooked nose. It was evident after the swelling went down. The facial disfigurement was evident so I needed a nose reduction to have a normal look again. After... READ MORE

Hi people, I had a consultation with Dr.Hunt for my situation I have a cleft nasal deformity, unsymmetrical nostrils & large turbinates on the inside, deviated septum & bulbous tip. Dr.Hunt said he can improve it by 50% because if he does too much it won't look natural and he was very caring,... READ MORE

Just to give you a bit of back round. I had surgery for a deviated septum about 10 years ago and it was horrible, I swore I would never do it again; I ended up on Affrin, it was my way of life and I had bottles everywhere. It was an awful way to live. I went to Northwest Face and met with Dr.... READ MORE

Over the years, I've had a number of previous rhinoplasties - none that have left me feeling happy with my nose. I have very strong facial muscles which pulled the sides of my nose upward, causing the tip to appear as though its drooping (when in fact, it really wasn't). After talking with Dr... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Elam was more than I could have hoped for. I had waited so long to have this procedure done because of the cost and because I was fearful having heard stories about nose jobs. But I was pleasantly surprised by both the cost and the fact that it really wasn't painful..... READ MORE

I have a deviated septum and a nose that was (and is) asymmetrical when you look at it frontally. In addition I had a bump on the bridge my nose which was also too wide. My bridge is also crooked when viewed from a ¾ angle. I explained all these concerns to Dr. Ruff who said he would take... READ MORE

The cartilage in my nose was gone leaving me with a droopy and crooked nose. I looked like Squidward from the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon. Breathing through my nose was very compromised. Dr. Thompson took cartilage from both of my ears and used it to reconstruct my nose. The several hour... READ MORE

Disastrous. Mr John Pereira did not come into McIndoe Surgical centre that day and instructed his secretary to get some to stand in for him. The results of two surgeries one done by Peter ARnstein who stood in for John Pereira to do post MOHS surgery, and John Pereira two months later to... READ MORE

Not what i asked for! not happy. wasnt able to breathe out of my nose for 2 months! wasnt enough tissue left to make adjustments. my nose ended up too small! extreme other way!! not sure what else to do about it did get a partial refund. Heard other surgeons in cleveland area are better. look... READ MORE

For the past 15 to 20 years, I have had trouble breathing through my nose. I had nasal valve collapse. As my breathing got worse, I consulted with several doctors. I was referred to Dr Kontis. Dr Kontis knew right away what was wrong and what was needed to fix the problem. I was told I needed... READ MORE

My Rhinoseptoplasty Experience with Dr Jake Lim. I am a 22 year old female and ever since I can remember always had self esteem issues with my nose. I have a bad accident when I was 8 that caused my nose to be crocked and with my ethnic background, I thought it was a little too long for my face... READ MORE

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