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The Lux1540 is a fractional laser resurfacing treatment used to treat wrinkles, acne scarring and other skin imperfections. It's a Fraxel competitor that has been reported to be less expensive. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $725

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I have palomar 1540 treatment two week ago, this is my first time treatment, my depressed scar have 30% improvement. my doctor schecule me for 4 treatment, each a month apart. my face get red and swelling for around 7 days, but nothing pain or uncomfort. i read a lot or bad review about this... READ MORE

I opted for Palomar 1540 treatments due to acne scarring on my cheeks. I was nervous about having the procedure (i.e. pain and discomfort from procedure, healing time, expected results); however, found the procedure to be quite tolerable. I took 1/2 of an anti-anxiety pill prior to the... READ MORE

I just had my first lux1540 procedure done 3 days ago. This was the first of 5 procedures. There are alot of negative reviews about this laser, and only being day 2 I can't give any real answer to if it works or not. But I think alot of people don't understand that this procedure helps... READ MORE

I just got my first non-ablative Palomar Stalux laser procedure done today. It came recommended to me by my physician when I told him I was unhappy with minor acne scars on my cheeks and very large pores. After being very skepticle on whether the laser would really help these issues since these... READ MORE

I had a coupon thru Groupon for 3 full facial treatments. Had the first. Now all brown spots. swelling and it was extremely painful even with the numb creme. Almost couldn't stand it. Probably won't go back the other two treatments even though I paid for them. Hope this improves... READ MORE

I have a few deep acne scars especially on my right cheek which I am very conscious about.My dermatologist suggested that the Palomar 1540 would be very effective. Currently I have finished 2 treatments ( of the 4 I am planning to do).Here is how its playing out- Numbing is a must... READ MORE

12/9/2010 Undergoing 1540 laser treatment to correct (acne and surgical) scarring - Finding information from real people who have undergone this treatment was a bit challenging so I thought I would blog my experience here. Naturally, I was nervous going into the procedure because most of... READ MORE

I did not have many bad effects -- it would have been painful but they did a great job of numbing the area first. (It would be crazy to do this with out numbing the skin first.) My skin got red for a few days, swelled a bit, especially around the eyes, but it went away and left no prints or... READ MORE

Last year I had one palamar 1540 fraxel restore done at a top dermatologist's office preformed by a technician for very slight fine lines around my eyes. I was 44 years old and had been told by many people that I looked in my early 30's since I do not go out in the sun and always have... READ MORE

I had my first fractional laser skin resurfacing done yesterday with Palomar Lux 1540. It was kind of painful a bit like i was pierced by a needle, but generally it was tolerable and the pre-operative topical anesthesia helped a lot. I have some active acne lesions but my doctor told me that... READ MORE

Please, please, please don't do this procedure. Ruined my skin. My results are the same as Awalk [another RealSelf user] but I don't have as many of the red sores. It's like it destroyed all the fat in my face leaving it limp and hollow. The surface is very rough looking and my pores... READ MORE

As of today, 8 days since my first treatment, the verdict is still out on how happy I am with the experience, or if it achieved any if at all results I was looking for. I purchased a package of four 1540's, five micro peels and 5 photo facials. I received first the mircro peel and it was... READ MORE

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