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Liposonix is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,400

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I wanted to get Liposonix as a motivation "kick-starter" to my journey to flat stomach. I gained over 15 lbs in the last 6 months from too much drinking/eating crappy food (I'm 4'10", and was originally around 107-110lbs, now close to 125lbs!) - I started working out regularly (hot yoga x4 week)... READ MORE

I had Liposonix for my stomach and flanks. I had a flat stomach and a waistline until I reached menopause. I am 5'2" and weigh 115 lbs. The "muffin top" has made me so uncomfortable and I cannot wear t-shirts or any top that drapes over the bulge. I tried Liposonix and paid $2,500 for 12 zones.... READ MORE

Saw Liposonix advertised in a local magazine....I thought sure that will work! The more I researched it and read about the more interested I became. I found the local doctor (Dr. Doppelt) that did the procedure and went for a consult. I had a huge middle section and a protrusion above my... READ MORE

Hi there! There are so few reviews on areas other than abdomen, that I wanted to share my experience. I'm 38, 146lbs and 5'4". I'm active and relatively slim through the waist, but I've always had a disproportionate amount of fat on my upper thighs and bottom (think size 6 on top and 10 on... READ MORE

Did not work hurts so bad and cost me $1900.00. Trust me I had two treatment the Dr. said it would not hurt. Hurt so bad I had to make her stop then I let up start back. The Doctor was not there, but there is a nurse which from Prescription2Fittness. She gave me some pain pill even before I... READ MORE

I am fifty years old, 5'2" and 125 lbs but have always had stubborn belly fat. I decided to try Liposonix. The procedure was 2500 for front and back. I did research on it and all the reviews were great. It was very painful and at times I could barely stand it even with the pain medication. After... READ MORE

I am 50 years old- have always been pear-shaped, and have gotten a little pot belly since menopause. Liposonix was the answer for me...the procedure itself is pretty painful, so take the meds they offer!! Afterwards, I had no pain but lots of bruising which lasted about 2 weeks. I really... READ MORE

I am a 6'2 , 210 lbs. male in my early thirties. I have always been in great shape but since I haven't been playing sports as often I have had a really hard time keeping some of that extra fat off my stomach. I consulted with a few doctors to determine what options I had and was so excited... READ MORE

I am a very active, fit girl in my mid 30's and I just couldn't seem to shake this tummy thing. Really more of a muffin top. So, I decided to have Liposonix done and I'm so happy I did. I had Liposonix done on my lover abdomen area on June 8, 2013. The treatment was a bit uncomfortable, but... READ MORE

I had been searching for a few months to get rid of my stubborn pouch that would not seem to leave. I worked out heavily but still had this little roll of fat under my abs. I had the procedure today and I will update bi-weekly! Pain: Moderate (but I have high-tolerance). I was given 1mg Xanax... READ MORE

I purchased 24 squares of liposonix for my abs (lower and upper), flanks, and arms. I'm small 5'3 and 125 and workout 6-7 days a week (running, triathlons, gym) and 34. My body stores most of its weight in the waist so liposonix seemed like a good non invasive option. I researched several spas... READ MORE

I have a very high tolerance for pain but I suffered through this treatment because I wanted results so bad for my muffin top bulge that drives me crazy in the back when I wear jeans. I am an exercise fanatic but have never been able to get that little area. It's been 6 months and no results. I... READ MORE

I wanted to lose a half inch in my abdomen just to be more comfortable in my clothes. I expected the pain and had very little bruising. Lost NOTHING except the money and time I invested. What they didn't tell me is that it doesn't work for everyone. Had I known that I wouldn't have gambled on it. READ MORE

It will be one week tomorrow since my first Liposonix treatment. I was given pain meds, but I think I should've taken them about 30-45 mins. beforehand to get the most benefit. It definitely hurt, but the nurse was very nice and we chatted the whole time. It was tolerable, but I was glad when... READ MORE

I did my inner thighs and loose skin on my inner upper arms. After 6 months, there was no significant loss nor tightening. The doctor's office here in Orlando near Universal Studios decided that they would appeal to Liposonix and perhaps I would be able to receive a refund once the company... READ MORE

I had been tracking Liposonix for some years before it was approved for the US, so when it was offered here locally, I jumped at the chance to try it. I was probably one of the first dozen or so people to try it. Originally went for treatment in June 2012. I'd say the pain is about 7 on a 1 to... READ MORE

I had liposonix on my abdomen on Dec12th at a clinic at a wellness center at University Hospital in Denver Colorado. The doctor I went to did a program on the 10:00 news showing the procedure and the results of the person involved. I did a consult with her and had great confidence in that it... READ MORE

I had this treatment yesterday. First, I'll say I have a very high tolerance to pain meds and a lower pain threshold. It was very painful. I think it should occur under some type of anesthesia for comfort purposes but understand that defeats the point of the product's marketing. Can you make it... READ MORE

I had my third treatment done on 12/ 13/ 12. This was on the lower portion of my stomach. It cost me $1200.00. I get mesured again on 3/13/13. I have lost about 11inches total of the upper abs and flanks. This latest procedure was easier, as I took 2 hydrocone 750's before having it done. I also... READ MORE

I had the liposonix done in Dallas Tx on April 3, 2012 and as of today, May 8th It has been a month & I can not tell a difference. I am still experiencing bloating and my jeans are tight. I have been walking and watching my diet. $4,000 is alot of money to spend with no results!!! I figured... READ MORE

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