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Liposonix is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy. LEARN MORE ›
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I am 4 days post procedure for my abdomen and love handles. I took Xanax and Percocet. The procedure was painful at times but tolerable. I iced my abdomen that evening and the following day. I do have small bruising in my lower abdomen and slightly on my upper abdomen. I have two small bruises... READ MORE

I'm super active and I have fat on my lower stomach that won't go away. So liposonix will be my best option to get rid of it. I just got it done. I'm actually seating at the doctors office as I write. Great experience. It didn't hurt at all because I took pain medicine.... READ MORE

I also went to Dr. Johnson's office in Dallas. I booked a cruise over Spring Break, and though I felt like I was in shape, my lovehandles would always poof out. I heard about Liposonix from a segment Dr. Johnson did on Good Morning Texas. The idea of killing my fat cells without surgery... READ MORE

I never could lose the "pooch" I developed over the last 10 years. I exercised and watched what I ate. I even went vegan for 3 months! I lost weight but the lower body fat just stubbornly would never go away. I didn't think anything would ever make a difference. I decided to... READ MORE

Waste of money, lots of pain. For me, it was counter-effective. The procedure itself was very painful. After procedure pain was pretty strong for a week. It slowly diminished within a few weeks, however the treated area stayed very sensitive for a few months. Bruising was scary to look at, and... READ MORE

I had this done on 4 areas. Took :15 minutes and very painful. No anti anxiety or pain medicine was given. The needle like burning is very hard to tolerate. I would not do this again without some medication. Previous poster from same clinic got medicine. I hope this was worth it. Right... READ MORE

New to this trying to get n touch with dr.Yily just need to get a quote I need numbers and email address please. ......thanks!!! Been looking on this site for a while now seen some of yilys work and said 2 myself ....Damn shes a beast I need her n my life ...see im 33 and have 3 kids my body... READ MORE

It's been less than a week but I'm excited to see what results I get after a couple of months--I don't mind waiting because it's better than going through a more invasive procedure--I'd heard the procedure was really painful but you're prescribed a light pain killer so it hurt some --I had my... READ MORE

I'm an active, athletic mother of two who works out four times a week doing crossfit, yoga and running. I also maintain a healthy diet low on carbs and high on protein. Despite this strict diet and regular exercise, I could not get rid of the area in the lower part of my abdomen. I wanted to... READ MORE

It has been nine weeks since I had Liposonix on my upper arms and some back fat, and there is absolutely no difference. I was actually told there would be visible results after two weeks. Then I looked at the Liposonix web site, which said that most of the results were seen by 12 weeks, so I... READ MORE

On 10/8/2014, I had coolsculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen. It was a breeze. Sore and uncomfortable, but definitely manageable. On 10/10/2014, I went back for Liposonix, 2 areas right outer thighs; 2 areas left outer thighs, 1 area R inner thigh, and 1 area L inner thigh. Boy oh boy,... READ MORE

I just started out with 3 "squares" to see if it would work on stubborn lower belly fat. I'm 5 feet tall and 110 lbs. It did absolutely nothing!!!! Save your money. It did hurt a little bit but it really wasn't that bad. She told me it was going to take 3 months to really see the full effects. I... READ MORE

My motivation was to be able to wear a T shirt without any bulges above my waist in the back. I had it done sometime in June, I was told it would week within 8 weeks, it did not, The procedure was extremely painful though the PA used numbing cream. It was a total waste of $1,600. IT DOES... READ MORE

I had Cheryl perform a Liposonix treatment on my middle section of the front of my stomach and around each of my lower back sides and have seen a real difference in the results. My waist got smaller and the small tire of fat around my stomach has been greatly reduced. Cheryl is wonderful and... READ MORE

After liposuction I realized I needed some non-invasive liposonix on my upper back area by where my bra is (very little fat but drives me nuts) and that sides of my ab area towards the back. I don't have a muffin top but it wasn't quite as trim as the abdominal front area where I had lipo. I had... READ MORE

Just came back from liposonix treatment on inner and outer thighs and love handles. I got half valium and a strong painkiller. The whole process took about 1 hour. We did 3 passes of maximum joules to every quarter. I was really scared having read the reviews. There was some pain but it was... READ MORE

I noticed that my stomach and love handles got even bigger after two weeks of the procedure, I couldn't close my pants. I went to my two month follow-up visit and I went from a 33 in waist to a 35 1/2. According to the Doctor it seems that the levels should have been higher. They will perform... READ MORE

I was slim everywhere except my outer thighs which were huge. I decided on Liposonix and spent $3000 on 16 squares. It was painful at time of procedure, but not after. Bruising lasted about 2 weeks and was very bad, but faded completely after. After 5-6 months I only lost about an inch. ... READ MORE

Dr. Hartman and his PA performed Lipsonix on my andomen in March. After one treatment, I have lost two inches and no longer need Spanx. The procedure was a little painful, but the two injections helped alot to ease the pain. The PA who did the procedure was patient and kind and took breaks... READ MORE

Tried Liposonix for an abdominal unevenness that was caused by CoolSculpt. The technician had some difficulty initially with the machine. When she got it going, I was surprised that I did not feel a thing (especially reading so many reviews that said it was painful). I felt nothing and there... READ MORE

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