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Lipodissolve is not approved by the US FDA and involves a series of injections that are given in a localized area of the body to melt fat from problem areas. LEARN MORE ›
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I got 12 weeks of lipodisolve in my stomach. The shots were the most pain I have ever felt and the pain lasted for days. After each treatment I spent all day on my couch in so much pain. I gained a dress size my stomach is bigger than before but now with lumps. I kept telling the place I... READ MORE

This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was taken in by the ads on the radio and in magazines and was given the hard sell at the office offering the treatments. I agreed to three treatments each on my upper and lower abdomen. I spaced out the treatments so I would have one upper... READ MORE

I was getting Lipodissolve on my stomach and waist area. The doctor alternated between those two areas, one treatment per month. The procedure was painful and at the end of two treatments in those two areas, nothing has changed. Instead, I was more swollen than ever. The bruising was bad and... READ MORE

I had lipodissolve on my tummy,love handles, inner & outter thighs. It was extremely painful. I do have positive results in all areas. My last treatment was in October, I still have tons of nodulars on my outter thighs and lots of skin discoloration...does anyone know if this will go away.... READ MORE

I had my last tx. in March 2007 on my outer thighs.  I only had 3 of them because the bruising/redness and lumps were too bad and wouldn't go away so I stopped.  I did not have this done at Fig. I had my love handles done and that was ok I guess.  Of course, I am one of those who... READ MORE

I work out about 3days/ wk, and eat fairly healthy. I watch my carbs, starches, sugars and things of that nature. I have found it virtually impossible to loose this "belt" of fat hanging around, which led me to Lipodissolve. I had my first round on Feb 04, 2008. The injections were not... READ MORE

Two treatments of lipodissolve to my cheeks and jowels. I'm a well known musician and I was promised the swelling would be completely gone in three days. After two weeks my face still looks like a football and the Dr. only wants to do more treatments. I said absolutely not, I can't even go on... READ MORE

I have had two Lipodissolve treatments with no results. I have actually gotten larger. I am very discouraged and depressed. My last treatment was so bad that I cannot even think about going back for my next one. I was not told when I was given the numbing cream that it had to last all 3... READ MORE

Absolutely do NOT do this. I had 3 sessions - two on my outer thigh area. I am very athletic - have run a marathon and many half marathons and have always considered myself very fit - but could NEVER get ride of my dimpled look on my thighs. Instead of doing Liposuction - I opted for this. I... READ MORE

I went through the entire 9 series of injections in two different areas. What I got for my $4000 was pain, hives, bloody thighs, swollen legs, empty promises of how wonderful I would look in the end, and 1/4 of an inch INCREASE on both thighs. Thank you Lipo Dissolve/FIG for taking my money... READ MORE

First, I have to say, I was terrified after having seen the 20/20 special this week. I am having my flanks and lower abdomen done. I just had my first treatment on my flanks done last week (4 days ago). The office visit was not painful (felt like a rubber band snapping), but it was quite... READ MORE

Ok so I just had my first injection of PCDC (solution used for Lipodissolve) and I went to a board certified plastic surgeon. He told me I'd only need two treatments because I am thin and only have a small pooch on my stomach. He even brought in his personal nurse and she showed me her stomach... READ MORE

Had my first treatment on 3/13. Had my lovehandles area done. Received 35 injections on each side. The injections didn't hurt just a prick feeling in the tender areas. Very itchy about 20 minutes after injection. Swelling start that night. Felt bruised. Next day major swelling feeling less... READ MORE

I just stumbled upon this site.I started LD in February 2007 and became a "Swan." I did this to fine tune some liposuction I had performed the year before.They doubled up on the strength of the injections so as to speed up the results.The experience ranged from very uncomfortable to painful. So... READ MORE

I am 50 and began 16 treatments last year in the areas of upper/lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and upper back of arms. I weighed 140 lbs. when I started after losing 70 pounds the previous year. I was told by the Dr. and nurse that I would lose at least 10 pounds during this process.... READ MORE

Ive lost about 4 inches total in two treatments. I have had my full abs done in one treatment (100 injections) and my full back (about 50 injections). The back was so dang painful. I came home and took a nap and when I woke up I was in so much pain for about 15 minutes I cried and Im 40 years... READ MORE

The procedure is extremely painful. The swelling was unbelievable; So much so that I had to buy new pants because the waist no longer fit, even in the baggiest of my wardrobe. The bruising was appalling and the treated area remained bruised, irritated, swollen, and painful for over a week at a... READ MORE

I signed up to have two areas, my inner and outer thighs, done at Fig. in Scottsdale, AZ. I am 5'9", weigh about 140, exercise at least 5 times per week and eat healthfully. I have no medical problems, allergies, etc. Of course, I was told that I was an ideal candidate and should expect... READ MORE

It was $400.00 for my thick arms. I have always exercised but always had thick fattier arms and hated it. I want to be able to wear tank tops etc. and not feel strange. My doctor is part of a husband and wife team. He was kind, sweet, informative and sincere. I read up on it so I knew what to... READ MORE

I had this procedure done after a mini tummy tuck to reduce a lump that was hanging around my panty line. I've had the same place injected maybe 5 times now and my small lump is still there. This was very painful with much swelling. Immediately after it is done I come very close to passing... READ MORE

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