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These braces, sometimes called iBraces, are bonded and hidden on the backside of your teeth making them a great option for those who want "invisible" braces. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $8,100

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So for a long time I have not been too happy with my crooked teeth, and I have finally decided to do something about it. I never wanted bracesin high school, because I did not like the way they looked, and still do not that is why I'm getting linguals on the top and ceramic on the bottom. Went... READ MORE

I'm 32 and looked at the option of getting braces many times before but have decided to go for it now with incognito lingual braces on the top and clarity braces on the bottom. I got the clarity braces on yesterday and will have the incognito braces fitted in 3 weeks. I haven't always disliked... READ MORE

This procedure (although costly which is the main con, almost double the cost of regular braces!) has been the best decision for me. I didn't think my teeth were too bad besides my two canine teeth which never fully came down but besides that fix I couldn't imagine wearing metal braces front and... READ MORE

I have incognito lite. I was estimated at 7 month treatment time I'm well over a year now. I got it for one tooth which is twisted and have seen little improvement in this tooth turning.. feeling disheartened at the slow process and every time I go in they say oh wow your teeth look so great... READ MORE

Im 25 years old and decided to get braces. Choosing Incognito was my decision and it was a big one because of the costs. My orthodontist is professional and intelligent and I ASSURE you that will make a difference in your outcome. Some of these stories sound horrible. Incognito gets bonded to... READ MORE

I've had braces before, and after years of not wearing my retainer, my teeth shifted. More on the lower teeth then the upper teeth. I didn't want to wear braces again, and didn't think I would wear Invisalign trays. I decided to go for another option - Incognito (Behind the teeth) Lingual... READ MORE

I am almost finished with my treatment, and my experience with Invisible Lingual Braces in Robina, Gold Coast, had been absolutely amazing. The orthodontist, the nurse and the receptionist were fantastic and very friendly people who made the past two years so incredible. It was almost like... READ MORE

I'm writing a review, because I found them so helpful before I made my decision to go with lingual braces. I'm 34 and had traditional braces when I was younger. I was completely against regular braces right now, probably because of my age. (vanity maybe:) So I got Incognitos just on top, but... READ MORE

I walked into this guy's office in August of 2008 for a consultation on Invisalign vs. lingual braces. I chose lingual braces. I should never have pursued this craziness for a few teeth I wanted corrected, one front top and two front lower. I wound up having lingual braces behind six front... READ MORE

I got lingual (harmony) braces about 2 days ago and so far I hate them! I have a lisp which ruins everything, whenever I drink or eat something it hurts. like a lot. Plus, my tongue really hurts from all the metal inside my mouth. Is there any tips to overcome these problems? I know I got them 2... READ MORE

I commence treatment last year and from the first week I experienced brackets breaking and wires bracking. It was so bad I requesting repairs every week. The orthodontist would make me wait for weeks to receive repairs and I was continually told that my teeth wouldn't suffer. Not true. My teeth... READ MORE

So far so good. I have the Lingual on top and traditional metal on bottom. Im 23, and getting braces was embarrassing but fixing my smile was the most important thing iI wanted for myself. I started making a vlog of my journey with my braces for anyone interested in braces, or lingual, or anyone... READ MORE

I have narrow upper & lower jaws which produced crowding of upper & lower front teeth & I also lacked an overjet (that's the arrangement by which the upper jaw front teeth comfortably overlap & clear the lower jaw front teeth). In my case the uppers & lowers met nearly vertically, grinding on... READ MORE

Today is my second day with the linguals on, both top and bottom. I am 24 years old and getting married next June of 2014. I've never had braces before and I've always dreamed of having a beautiful smile, so there was no anxiety for me before my appointment yesterday, but I was up BRIGHT and... READ MORE

Painful for first few weeks on tongue then excellent results. Very easy takes a bit to get used to tongue wise. Used lots of wax. Talked funny for about 10 days. No problems since. Can't see them unless paying very close attention. Loved these. Great results on a adult relapse case like mine.... READ MORE

I wanted hidden braces on the top because I smile a lot. Had them placed on the upper teeth, and regular outside braces on the bottom. After 3 weeks, Incognito braces are a pure disappointment. Cannot chew, swallow properly nor eat anything mildly solid. Horrible to floss because food gets stuck... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old female with a slight overbite and crowded, over-protruding canines/premolars on the top and bottom right. The "problem" teeth never bothered me, and were in fact described by the ortho as "somewhat charming". However, I had to have clinical ortho done on the right side of... READ MORE

27th February 2013 Wanted to write a review on my experience so far as reading reviews helped me to make my decision to go for linguals. I had both top and bottom fitted 4th February 2013, it was pretty straightforward, the rest of the day was fine, eating was strange. Day 2 my tongue was... READ MORE

Hi. Has anyone had lingual braces in Western Australia. That can give me some feed back? And what orthodontist you went too. I'm going to be going to be going to peel orthodontist in mandurah WA next month. How much were you charged for the lingual hidden braces? Are they really over the... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old, and 3 months ago had lingual braces put on. I chose to have the lingual braces on the top teeth and normal braces on the bottom. Because of my age i didn't want people to notice. The first 2 weeks i had trouble with my speech, especially with 's' and 'st' words. However, it... READ MORE

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