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Can I use Latisse during the day?

  • Barbarajsh
  • Iowa
  • 4 years ago

Why are we only supposed to put Latisse on at night? I do not wear make-up and work on my farm, but I sleep on my stomach with my head (including one eye) buried in my pillow. I worry about the Latisse getting rubbed off into my pillow case. Can I use it during the day?


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I use it during the day and before bed, no problems, but it all depends on your habits. if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes during the day, or sweating a lot, you could end up running the medication into your eyes and having less on your lashes, which will have the double effect of not working as well and makng your eyes dry. I find day or night works well for me, but you may find it is different for you.
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