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Mediocre Latisse results as good as it gets?

  • Jwoodland
  • Wisconsin
  • 4 years ago

I have used Latisse for 14 weeks 4 days, faithfully every night. I even applied it at almost the same time!! After a couple of weeks my lashes started falling out, leaving obvious gaps. They did grow back, but I am missing the WOW factor.

I am 55 and never had great lashes, thin, short and brown in color. Now they are somewhat thicker, darker, but still lighter on the tips, which make them look shorter without mascara. They are definitely longer, but spiky long. Just wondering if this is as good as it gets?

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I have used Latisse for 5 months.Very disappointed.It does darken and lengthen however does not help with the bald spots I have on each eyelid. There has been NO regrowth at all. What good are longer lashes if you still have large areas with no eyelashes at all? I cannot see spending another penny on this stuff.
Jwoodland, I'm going through my 15th week and also have mixed results. I had to have a radical hysterectomy five years ago at the age of 44, and noticed that my eyelashes started falling out shortly thereafter (along with my hair!) I had longer, fuller lashes naturally when I was younger, but noticed that my post-hysterectomy lashes never made it to their full growth cycle. Latisse looked attractive because of the claims of length, thickness, and darkening of color. The length has been restored, but in an oddball fashion. I think your "spiky" comment hits the nail on the head. My left eyelashes are considerably shorter than my right, and I've had to pluck a few course lashes that stuck straight out from the base. I didn't want to, but there was no way to curl nor tame them in anyway, and they kept mascara from reaching my other lashes. I'm going to try Latisse through week 16 and beyond as long as I have product and determine if the cost is worth the results. I truly was hoping for thicker, darker lashes however. Good luck to you!