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A medication to lengthen your eyebrows? Seriously?

  • elderban
  • Tampa, Florida
  • 4 years ago

Ok, I can understand the need to use this medication if you have no eyebrows whatsoever, but, in my humble opinion, to use it for any other reason is purely materialistic. And people complain that they can't afford food our housing, yet they go out and spend $100 to $300 a MONTH to make their eyebrows longer? Be sure to read the fine print...the lengthening isn't permanent, so that means as long as you want to continue to have long eyelashes, that also means you'll have to continue using, and paying for, the product. You couldn't pay ME to use this product.

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$120 every 12 weeks is $40 a month. Similar to what millions of women pay per month for Mascara and/or false eyelashes. Are they being materialistic too? Materialistic is paying $5000 for a single designer handbag. Not $5,000 a year for beauty maintenance. (haircuts/hair color, home hair products, skin products, cosmetics, tanning, face fillers and lasers, and now Latisse all combined).
I buy generic for $10 a bottle which lasts me like two months....that's cheaper than mascara. If you have the money, and are self conscious about your eyelashes, then it is worth it for you. if you don't know what it's like to have balding eyes, you won't understand the need some people have to use this product. Our face is the first thing people see of us, so many people are deeply self conscious about certain things on their face. if what you say is true, then as long as people are starving you should never use conditioner or hair color or lipstick or eyeshadow or tweezers because you have to use them forever and that is so superficial...
I completely agree eupelia. It never fails to make me roll my eyes when someone points out that Latisse's effects aren't permanent. Very few things we do to ourselves aren't permanent and you have to maintain the effects....including showering and brushing our teeth! shaving working out dieting medications eating right And anything else you can think of! It's probably one of the most idiotic arguements for not using such a great product (or the generic)! Sheesh!
wish I could go back and edit that post for spelling and formatting...forgive my lack of punctuation.