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Has anyone's vision improved with Latisse?

  • moonlight60
  • the Beautiful Pacific NW
  • 4 years ago

I've been using generic Latisse for just a few days now, but I noticed this morning at work that I can see my computer much clearer then usual. I'm 49, so I'm beginning to need readers (along with the contacts I already wear) so I figured it was just normal eye-aging. But wow...I don't have to squint at all to see my computer!! Anyone else had this happen?

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Used now for 4 and half weeks. Just noticed yesterday something was really different with my vision. All those annoying eye-floaters have gone!!! No more having to blink a thousand times a minute to see clearly. Also, noticed my lashes have started to lengthen. Yes!!!! Result!
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OMG! same thing happening to me! i have very bad vision and wear contacts all the time or i really can't see. I have been very inconsistent with using Latisse, but at first, I used it for about 5 days straight, and I woke up one morning and could see VERY clearly.. i thought i was still dreaming or something because I haven't been able to see that clearly for at least 10 years. The effect didn't last long though, and within an hour or so my vision was not as clear again. My lashes DEFINATELY responded thought and within a week I noticed a difference. However, I was getting dry itchy red eyes so I stopped using it. Then, last night, I decided to start using it again., and again, this morning, as I woke up, I could see so much more clearly. So much so that I had to hop on the internet and see if anyone else is having this side effect? Interesting to find out, I am not the only one. I am an RN who works for a busy Dermatology office, so I am going to talk to the docs about this.
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Only been a week for me, so no new lashes yet, but I'm wondering if this stuff is good for dry eyes too? My contacts feel better and I'm much more comfortable at the computer all day now. If I get that and great lashes, I'm going to be a happy, happy girl :)
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I too feel that my vision has improved. For me it's just been three weeks that I'm using it and so far I think my lashes are longer.
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