Latisse on eyebrows causing forehead protrusion

  • MarianF
  • CT
  • 4 years ago

Has anyone used Latisse around eyebrows and then noticed boney growth or allergic reaction growth around the top of your eyebrows like forehead protrusion?

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It sounds like you're having an allergic reaction to Latisse on that area of your face. I would highly recommend you discontinue using the product to see if things return to normal after a period of time. It doesn't sound like the problem arose overnight, so please don't expect a correction to normal overnight. Good luck to you!
I am using latisse on my eyebrows; I would like my brows to be wider and thicker, and when i read that latisse will grow hair to wherever it's applied, I thought i would try it. After 12 weeks i got some more hairs but hardly enough to make a difference. Now I am considering permanent makeup. But I have had absolutely NO forehead protrusion. I don't see how latisse could cause that - see a doctor - it must be something else that's causing it.
I've had permanent makeup done on my eyebrows and thoroughly recommend it. Just make sure you trust the person!