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Should I just give up on Latisse?

  • rmsloan
  • PA
  • 4 years ago

I have been using Latisse every nite for 4 months. My eyelashes are darker and some longer however I still have huge bald spots on both upper lids and that was the reason I started using Latisse. I thought they would grow back. Should I just give up?

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Thanks for your reply. At$120 a month it hardly seems worth continuing. I see no regrowth.The lashes that are there ,which are few, are longer and darker. Not the look I was hoping for. :(
Hi rmsloan, I've been using Latisse for a while now too, and I also have bald spots. However, I noticed that my lashes are sore at times, so I pull them out. Maybe that is the reason. My lashes were have always been sparse, and I assumed that they would grow in; however, it is taking longer than I imagined. I do noticed that the get longer, but they don't get thicker. I guess if you are not born with thick lashes, Latisse cannot help you with growing thick lashes.