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Buying Latisse outside the US

  • Inna
  • Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city
  • 4 years ago

How can foreign people buy Latisse? I live in Mongolia, but I am also very interested in Latisse. The cost seems possible. I tried to contact Latisse team on official site, but it seems impossible. Does anyone have an idea how I can buy it from here, or can help me contact the company? I am only private person, but nobody between our facial care distributor knows Latisse. It would be sad to wait during years and years till they will be good informed

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Is it available in south Africa???
How does it work? Are there any good results? Here we still stay without any news
I got it from Mylash in England on prescription

Is Latisse it available in Mexico?

is Latisse available in South Africa?

All this looks like some kind of swindle. I think, Latisse is not as safe as producers say. I should not advise somebody to buy it somewhere from different distributors until this medicine will be concerned to availability in Canada and other countries.

"...wondering whether there is any progress concerning Latisse availability in Canada?" I live in Canada and called my pharmacist. Latisse isn't yet in Canada. For those who have ordered from {edit}, how was your experience? Do you recommend them? Has anyone purchased from {edit} ? If so, how was your experience, would you recomment the site?

This post has been blocked because it promotes purchasing prescription medication from an online pharmacy or vendor that does not require or verify prescriptions. Medical experts have advised the RealSelf Team that this practice is potentially dangerous and may violate FDA regulations and federal laws, so posts of this nature will no longer be allowed.

The above comments was submitted in March 2009; it is now October 2009 and I am wondering whether there is any progress concerning Latisse availability in Canada?

Is Latisse available in India?

As I know, yes. Or, may be another one medicine close to Latisse.
yes it is bimaprost 0.3% and you will find it .

I live in UK. how can I get Latisse? What is the costs in £?

Is Latisse available in Canada? And if so, where should i look for latisse?

us Canadians are still waiting for the product to become available here. Health Canada has not given approval, yet, as research and testing is still underway to ensure its safety and effectiveness. But not to fret - Toronto Cosmetic Clinic will have Latisse as soon as Health Canada gives the green light!

How much longer is it expected for the wait for approval?

Does anyone know if it will be covered by most health plans?