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Lasers are used in cosmetic procedures for everything from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  All lasers are either ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of your skin, and treatments typically require some recovery time while skin heals. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive, and use heat to stimulate cells to thicken the underlying collagen resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›
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I saw Dr. Khorsandi for a Clear+Brilliant treatment for my face. He took the time to understand what I was looking for and did a thorough examination of my skin. He discussed his recommendations with me in detail and educated me of what I could expect after the procedure. He prepped my skin... READ MORE

I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Jennifer Adhout, MD, Director of Dermatology at Spalding Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. She was referred to me by my eye surgeon after I had eyelifts on both top and bottom and ptosis repair, and I complained about small bumps around my eyes and remaining... READ MORE

I went to Dr Arkady Kagan for Portrait skin resurfacing. Our consultation was fairly long as he took his time to explain and answer questions. My first visit we decided to include botox, which I never thought I would consider. I was amazed at the results! Dr. Kagan is VERY skilled at placement... READ MORE

It has only been a few days since my procedure.A friend of mine told me about a special that was going on The price seemed unbelievable and I felt leary.After speaking with the asnetician she put me at ease and I decided to proceed with the clearlift procedure.On all of the reviews i read they... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant is the best laser treatment I've ever (and I've had plenty). The treatment is a laser, but without the pain you expect, so no need to numb the face before, which I always try to avoid. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, during which there is mild tingling and a little... READ MORE

I have a number of benign growths on my face that were progressively worsening. None of the creams were helpful. The laser and cautery procedures were the first things that helped my problem. I was told these will come back but at least I can do something about them. Overall my skin just... READ MORE

Dr. Matthew Concannon, was in the process of perfecting the process of this treatment and asked me if I would participate. The purpose of the treatment was to encourage new collagen and treat sun damages and acne scars left over from my teen years. The results have been positive and I have... READ MORE

Dr Vargus said she could treat the redness on my skin. It was her comment to me, I was not even seeking that sort of treatment when I came to see her. Her comment was so confident that it gave me faith that she could take care of the problem, which I had received prior unsuccessful treatments... READ MORE

I was left with red blotchy and burning skin after a laser rejuvenation. I had called Angie several times before my procedure to go over the process, but she never returned my calls. As she began the procedure, I told her I had very sensitive skin and voiced my concerns. I asked her how long... READ MORE

I had my second Clearlift Laser procedure one week ago. When they say there is no downtime, and no pain they mean it. It is actually a pleasant warm feeling while you are having it done. The only thing I am telling people to watch out for is that it can break off your eyebrows (which happened... READ MORE

She's good with the laser, haven't felt any kind of pain, just a bit of heat...I required two treatments because the fungus was really bad, but that was completely eliminated after my second treatment. I was able to wear nailpolish between treatments and was also recommended pharmaceuticals to... READ MORE

Had a consultation regarding my freckles & brown spots on my face. my complexion is olive tone. dr. ross asked what i wanted and then gave his professional opinion. he was straight forward & honest. i wanted all my freckles gone, however dr. ross stated he wouldnt do that in the first... READ MORE

I was talked into a free treatment yesterday with a spas new alma laser. It is called Clear Lift. A new and less ablative laser than their 360 laser. It did not hurt at all! She did half of my face first so I could see the results and wow, did I ever! I sound like an advertisement but I am... READ MORE

Well after I got off accutane I had scaring and a lot of redness left over(which is very annoying) especially if you don't want to wear make up or if your going to the beach... So I decided to get laser treatments done to help with scarring and the redness, after two procedures I saw a lot of... READ MORE

I had laser done 3 weeks ago. The full results will take some time, but so far my skin is looking good and I'm really excited about it. Most of my dark spots and melasma is gone. My whole face is lighter, clearer, and softer. I'm really happy with it. I bought a groupon to try the laser out, so... READ MORE

Went for several years, spent thousands of dollars, and hair kept coming back. I went as often as was required and never skipped appointments. The hair began to slow in my underarms but never ceased. All other areas it was completely ineffective. I decided to stop completely because it was a... READ MORE

I am interested in getting laser treatment done on my stretchmarks and wrinkled stomach. I'm in my 20's and back in shape, but all that's left to do is the post pregnancy touch ups!  READ MORE

I have a dark genital area due to chaffing. It is unsighlty and affects my self esteem. I have had two treatments of q-switch laser (1064 nm wavelength) but can't see a difference yet. My doctor says it will be noticeable after 4-5 treatments. No burning/redness/scars! I came out clean, not... READ MORE

The laser specialist (christine) is unpleasant and never acknowledged me while waiting in the waiting room. She would pass by and say nothing. She couldnt aswer my questions effectively either and the treatment was extremelly painful and yet, not effective. It's like I never did anything after 6... READ MORE

I just turned 53 and I was not really looking for the more advanced facial treatments, I just wanted some glow and resiliency back in my face (like I had when I was a little younger). I opted for the AFT laser treatment. I was looking for some reduction in age spots, the fine little lines,... READ MORE

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