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Lasers are used in cosmetic procedures for everything from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  All lasers are either ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of your skin, and treatments typically require some recovery time while skin heals. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive, and use heat to stimulate cells to thicken the underlying collagen resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›
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His staff is beyond awesome ! He is also very helpful and answers questions. He has great deals on skintyte and nano laser peel, i have have had it done there a couple of times already. Skintyte can be painful since it is heating you up, and especially if its on the bone. The nano peel is not so... READ MORE

I went in a year ago to get a small red mark removed from my face. It was $300 out of pocket since it was cosmetic. The equipment in the office seems ancient and inefficient. He lasered it off and two weeks later, it was still there (never went away). I came in for a follow up, and he did the... READ MORE

Hi there on 1/15/2014 i was on a mission to eliminate my milia on my face.I randomly rang a laser clinic called Instant Laser Clinic in Melbourne was able to get a consultation hours after.When i arrived i was under the hands of Matthew Jafarzadeh director of the clinic i felt safe,he suggested... READ MORE

I've had new clear and brilliant laser--hoping to remove freckles from my face, large pores, and uneven skin tones. Its been a week but I don't see a difference except that my skin feels softer. I still see redness, large pores and uneven skin tone. Has anyone had this procedure done? ... READ MORE

Cautionary tale... I'm fortunately not one of the unlucky people who have had their face/life destroyed by laser treatments, however... I've always had clear skin until I hit close to my mid-thirties. Then outta nowhere I spent a lovely year getting cystic type breakouts in my lower "beard"... READ MORE

I have suffered for years with acne and sensitive skin. I have tried every treatment imaginable and multiple skin care products have been purchased and disposed of. I was left with heavily pigmented, deep pore, pitted & scared skin.Nothing seemed to work & I had honestly given up hope on ever... READ MORE

Last week Krista used the Lumecca laser on my entire face-had a few really bad brown spots--after 3rd 'shot' I was ready to run. She was terrific and talked me through the entire procedure. Knowing I needed entire face, she went above and beyond. She is not only beautiful but smart, good and a... READ MORE

I went to Dr Gold's Clinic in Green Hills, Nashville, Tennessee. I have had four treatements with the spa manager Kerstin Stevens. I have been incredibly impressed with her knowledge and the results of my treatments have made all the difference in my skin. I would highly recommend Dr Gold's spa... READ MORE

I made an appointment for a clear and brilliant treatment. I didn't see Dr Fitzgerald but spoke with Angela and told her that my main concern was my brown spots and had sensitive skin. She suggested that I get the package for the three treatments along with the microdermal abrasion in between.... READ MORE

Had aerolase laser for my rosacea. My face was burnt with blisters and pus oozing for over 2 weeks. After healing I see no improvement. I have a spot which I fear will become a permanent scar. I have had other treatments which after one visit showed improvement. I am very disappointed in this... READ MORE

I bought some SkinTyte sessions from this doctor and got no benefit at all from them plus he ignored my concerns about the safety of the machine. Initially the doctor said the results would be apparent after a few months so I waited, continued the series, but with no results. About halfway... READ MORE

Dr. Cory Torgerson and his wonderful team were exceptionally welcoming, caring and polite. They were patient whilst I filled out my medical history and hospitable the whole time during my visit. The professionalism at front-office and back-office was seamless. The nurse attending to my laser... READ MORE

I've had several out paint procedures performed by Dr Dellinger. He and his staff are very professional, caring, and educated. My results have been excellent and I'm more then satisfied! I have had botox, BBL, and pro fractional laser performed by Dr Dellinger. The improvement to my skin... READ MORE

Before coming to Dr. Christine Lee I have battled adult acne, pustules and rosacea. I have been through a series of Doxycyclines, prescription face washes and creams. Dr. Lee suggested the LaserLite facial. A dual laser procedure treating my skin imperfections and stimulating collagen... READ MORE

I use to use an exfoliating soap unacknowledged for almost 2 year's, daily. Eventually, it started to thin my skin, by showing veins. Last year in September, I developed 2 red inflamed rashes beside both of my nose areas that won't go away. Some redness under my chin, & on my nose too. Some... READ MORE

I am a very satisfied customer. I see improvement every treatment, never rushed visits, always comfortable, I would very much recommend! I have been to other dermatologists but have not been satisfied with the results nor the price but I'm over satisfied at this particular office (finetouch... READ MORE

I have seen a significant decrease in hair growth. Although, the laser is very unpleasant I am happy with the results. I have completed two visits and can see a dramatic difference. Three treatments left to go. Mary is very thorough in her explanation of what to expect during and after the... READ MORE

I have had rosacea for 20 years and have tried every medication and treatment for it during that time. We moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago and the intense sun out here sent it right into major flaring pretty constantly, despite being on oral medication and using a topical medication. My... READ MORE

Been getting Laser hair removal for under my arms, I love the results that I've been seeing. Staff is friendly and always have nice things to say. Never have a problem getting in. :) I've recommended Dr. Kuykendall to my family and friends. Would highly recommend to anyone else looking for a... READ MORE

My wife and I have both received many treatments over the past 4 years from Dr Robert Colgrove and his onsite cosmetologist, Roseanne Warchola. Dr colgrove is a first rate surgeon within addition, he has an onsite state-of-the-art operating room that is exclusive to him and his practice.... READ MORE

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