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Lasers are used in cosmetic procedures for everything from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  All lasers are either ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of your skin, and treatments typically require some recovery time while skin heals. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive, and use heat to stimulate cells to thicken the underlying collagen resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi there on 1/15/2014 i was on a mission to eliminate my milia on my face.I randomly rang a laser clinic called Instant Laser Clinic in Melbourne was able to get a consultation hours after.When i arrived i was under the hands of Matthew Jafarzadeh director of the clinic i felt safe,he suggested... READ MORE

I've had new clear and brilliant laser--hoping to remove freckles from my face, large pores, and uneven skin tones. Its been a week but I don't see a difference except that my skin feels softer. I still see redness, large pores and uneven skin tone. Has anyone had this procedure done? ... READ MORE

Cautionary tale... I'm fortunately not one of the unlucky people who have had their face/life destroyed by laser treatments, however... I've always had clear skin until I hit close to my mid-thirties. Then outta nowhere I spent a lovely year getting cystic type breakouts in my lower "beard"... READ MORE

I have suffered for years with acne and sensitive skin. I have tried every treatment imaginable and multiple skin care products have been purchased and disposed of. I was left with heavily pigmented, deep pore, pitted & scared skin.Nothing seemed to work & I had honestly given up hope on ever... READ MORE

I made an appointment for a clear and brilliant treatment. I didn't see Dr Fitzgerald but spoke with Angela and told her that my main concern was my brown spots and had sensitive skin. She suggested that I get the package for the three treatments along with the microdermal abrasion in between.... READ MORE

Had aerolase laser for my rosacea. My face was burnt with blisters and pus oozing for over 2 weeks. After healing I see no improvement. I have a spot which I fear will become a permanent scar. I have had other treatments which after one visit showed improvement. I am very disappointed in this... READ MORE

I bought some SkinTyte sessions from this doctor and got no benefit at all from them plus he ignored my concerns about the safety of the machine. Initially the doctor said the results would be apparent after a few months so I waited, continued the series, but with no results. About halfway... READ MORE

Before coming to Dr. Christine Lee I have battled adult acne, pustules and rosacea. I have been through a series of Doxycyclines, prescription face washes and creams. Dr. Lee suggested the LaserLite facial. A dual laser procedure treating my skin imperfections and stimulating collagen... READ MORE

I use to use an exfoliating soap unacknowledged for almost 2 year's, daily. Eventually, it started to thin my skin, by showing veins. Last year in September, I developed 2 red inflamed rashes beside both of my nose areas that won't go away. Some redness under my chin, & on my nose too. Some... READ MORE

I have had rosacea for 20 years and have tried every medication and treatment for it during that time. We moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago and the intense sun out here sent it right into major flaring pretty constantly, despite being on oral medication and using a topical medication. My... READ MORE

I had the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment done. It came highly recommended from my esthetician, it was purchased as part of a package special. after my 5 treatments I do notice some less fine lines, my freckles are definitely lighter. I was hoping for more smoothness and less acne on my... READ MORE

45 years old, and my age was really starting to show.... I came to see Dr Manoharan to see what he could do. I didn't want anything too much, or that made me look overdone - I still wanted to look like me. He gave me a combination of laser and botox which has made such a difference straight... READ MORE

I am 34 years old and have had a venous lake for over 15 years. I have been through various treatments and had been told my best bet would be to have surgery to remove. After seeing Dr. Patel, the venous lake is no longer visible with just two laser treatments! I am thrilled with my results... READ MORE

TV promo removed dark circles under the eyes in 20 minutes and done! Back to work! Circles removed. In their Beverly Hills office were pictures of the dark circle miracles. My budget: $4,000; ended up spending $7,000+ with no results after two treatments. Bottom line: do not believe promos or... READ MORE

I did this 7 months ago and regret it everyday. I've become very depressed because of the outcome. Please do not Do this to your face!!!!! It ages you bad!!!!I went into the office to have a laser treatment for my acne. I was told to have 9 a week apart but stopped at 4 because I wasn't seeing... READ MORE

Dr. Mountcastle's office is fantastic! The office itself is immaculate and tastefully decorated with beautiful artwork and stylish furnishings. They have complimentary beverages and a good magazine selection too (although I barely had to wait at all). The front desk staff were so pleasant and... READ MORE

I had Lila Strawberry Laser Inch -Loss Treatment and I lost a total of 12 "and 9 lbs in 3 months. I Love it ! Total of 6 Treatments .The procedure was painless a 20 minute visit combined with exercise gave me a jump start to eating right. Also gave my metabolism a boost .My energy level is high ... READ MORE

Warning against this Dr!! He did something entirely different than what I wanted him to do. Went in to have him lazer one wrinkle on my forehead, a procedure he had done 13 years previously. He did something entirely different than what I wanted him to do and left a big blotchy circle on my... READ MORE

I'm extremely excited not only did I get amazing results but I found a place where they are highly trained and in expensive. Laugh lines almost gone eyes are lifted, wrinkles are diminished. I felt my face tighter immediately. I'm going to have 2 more treatments done. I was told each time... READ MORE

I was referred by my dentist to go see Dr. Gallardo for a LANAP laser treatment. I actually waited about two months after my consultation to have the procedure done. I had some scheduling issues but they were able to work around my schedule and do the procedure. Dr. Gallardo seemed very thorough... READ MORE

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