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Like all liposuction, the point of laser liposuction is to remove unwanted fat. In this particular process, that inch to pinch is liquified using the controlled heat of light energy. The fat is then either removed through suction or absorbed back into the body. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,800

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So i actually started considering Lipo after i put on a huge amount of weight after being underweight most of my life, i had put on weight due to medication, thereafter i started being called names just because of putting on weight by people who were not used to seeing me "bigger", however i... READ MORE

Pretty happy with my new jaw line and new chin. The skin is tighter after the chin lipo. The lipo is done with laser with minimally invasive technique so there is no scars left on my neck area. I took the bandage off after a few days. Highly recommended. For many of us, the first signs of... READ MORE

I had my flanks, love handles and lower and bottom abdomen completed. I have always had problems with my tummy even before I became a mother so the idea that it would be flat had me sold in seconds! I am hoping that I am happy with the results and that I am not disappointed in spending money and... READ MORE

Well technically it is day two. I had me surgery yesterday morning at 7am and left about 12/1pm I don't really remember. Day 1, So I found some sites were helpful but none detailed enough for me OR MY AGE and not a mom, So I figured I would write a review for those of you who need a little more... READ MORE

Ten days ago, Dr. Mendoza performed Lipo to my neck area (Gobble Neck) along with a Facial Laser Lift, Lipo to my inner/ outer knees along with Laser Lift to tighten the skin around my knee area, and Juviderm Injections to my upper lip area (lip damage from a previous car accident left me with a... READ MORE

I wish I would have done it sooner! My overall experience and results with Dr. Joffrey and his staff at Lift Laser and Body were awesome! I had stomach (upper and lower), flanks (love handles) and chin laser lipolysis performed. I chose to be put into "twilight" anesthesia instead of being... READ MORE

Since it's my first time on here I'll give you a quick description of myself and my situation. I'm a 21 year old college student, 5'6" and fluctuate between 133-136 lbs. I lost 30 lbs after high school, but still can't seem to get rid of my stubborn flanks and chunky thighs. I still work out 5... READ MORE

I am over "50" and menopause has not been kind to me (lol) anywho I decided get a jump start (ie: lipo). I had previously attempted this procedure however the results were not at all what I expected which gave me reason for concern. Well long story short I was not happy when I looked at myself... READ MORE

Goals: I desired tightening my lower face. I had a small “waddle” under my chin, lower facial laxity, deep nasal labial folds, and a square facial shape caused by fat/skin. This was genetic and has been that way since I my mid 20’s. I tried Venus Freeze over a year ago. It had such minor... READ MORE

Met with the folks at Sonobello in Woburn, MA for a consultation for Laser Lipo for the waist, upper and lower Abs along with Hips on 10.2.2013 - after meeting with a sales person who did seem to have a lot of knowledge in the industry (looked me over), I met with the Dr. who just finished up a... READ MORE

Yesterday I went for laserlipo with fat removale, on my upper and lower abdomen and love handels. As you can see by the pics I so needed this. Initially I was considering a tummy tuck as I have a baby pouch and an appendix scar, from when I was a child, the scar is bad. I was worried that lipo... READ MORE

I have been contemplating about getting this kind of procedure for years. The reasons that kept me from doing it where a) cost and b) I am not really fat, I am a size 6. So I know I am not fat, I am healthy, I am fit, but I have/had a big stomach and love handles. I always had the feeling that... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the day I've been looking forward to for a few months now. I'm having my procedure done at 12pm and as of right now I am pretty nervous. I started my antibiotics this morning and will start with lorazepam tonight. I'm looking forward to my new figure, but not so much the pain... READ MORE

I had the procedure done on the 7 June 2013. This has been a long time coming. I'm 36 yo 67 inches 174 lbs, I have three children all natural births and haven't been able to lose the baby fat in lower abs and flanks. I decided to do the upper and lower abs, waist hips and flanks. Im going to... READ MORE

I have read so many amazing reviews on Dr. Segev at American Lipo Center that I decided to go with him. Which makes things a bit more complicated for me as live in NH and will be flying down for my procedure. But honestly, I would much rather do this and go with a doctor I trust. Anyways, I... READ MORE

I had a surgery a few years ago and gained the fat in my belly, upper back and inner thighs. I went to InfiniTrim and had LipoTranz. After explaining their 5-step process, the PA marked the treatment area the tech treated me. The procedure only took one hour; no pain but a of discomfort with the... READ MORE

I am posting my pre-photos today. I will be meeting with the surgeon on Saturday the 29th of June. I am scheduled for the lipo on 7/3. I am having 4 areas on my abdomen treated. I am nervous, excited, and hopeful for great results. I will keep you posted on my experience. What the surgeon has... READ MORE

I have been researching lipo suction both laser and regular lipo for almost three years. I have interviewed several doctors and finally the day came where I chose my doctor and had the procedure done last Friday.I got my upper/ lower abs, inner/outter thighs/flanks and bra roll done. The day of... READ MORE

I am a 5' 2" , 42-yr-old female who has always been in good to average shape (my average weight is about 125 pounds). I workout regularly and investigated traditional lipo, coolsculpting, and other less invasive options to reduce belly fat. I decided to move forward with LaserLipo, because it... READ MORE

Hello all! I'm a 38 year old mother of 2 who has been trying mercilessly to lose the belly fat gained from back to back pregnancies. After dieting, different work outs and discomfort from wearing spanx to squeem girdles, I decided to try laser lipo. After going to a popular doctor in Alexandra... READ MORE

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