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Like all liposuction, the point of laser liposuction is to remove unwanted fat. In this particular process, that inch to pinch is liquified using the controlled heat of light energy. The fat is then either removed through suction or absorbed back into the body. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,550

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Around Thanksgiving of 2012, I found Dr. Shahine on YouTube after trying to figure out how laser liposuction worked. I saw his Brazilian butt lift videos and thought he was awesome. Fortunately for me, I didn't need to pay him $10k for what God has blessed me with. Anywho, I went to the... READ MORE

Let's see, Last year in January I signed up on this site and had planned to get the surgery in June, but to my husbands protest I actually began working out instead. You will see in the pictures the difference BUT NOW I am planning within the next month or two to get my surgery done. :-D A... READ MORE

In 2008 I made it my resolution to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I did a lot of research and I made sure that I didn't lose my fat too quickly for my body to adapt to it's shrinking size. Through the course of three years I got down to 130 which is quite healthy of a weight... READ MORE

I'm a 38 year old woman, who up until last year was pretty pleased with my overall physical appearance. Everyone in my family kept warning me about the "shift". As I was growing up, I saw this "shift" in all my cousins. I am the baby of the family, and I mean they ALL shifted! Over the past... READ MORE

On my upper and lower abdomen. Easy- took only a few hours out of my day. Pain- minimal, a fair amount for about 2 days after, then started to feel sore, like a long workout in the following week. As of the end of the 2nd week, I feel 100% better. Entry points do NOT seem to be scarring badly.... READ MORE

I am about 115 and 5'1, I work out at least 4 times a week but I couldn't get rid of my love handles or lower stomach fat. I had my lower abdomen and flanks done today. The procedure was fairly quick and not very painful, I was very swollen and numb when I left, but as the day... READ MORE

Its day three after I had laser lipo of my chin! (yes its gone I only have one now!!) and underarm area (not arm but where bra overhang is in axillary area). I have not regretted my decision for a single moment. The pain was uncomfortable the first couple of days but nothing extreme and... READ MORE

I recently completed 9 sessions with the Lapex 2000 LipoLaser, and I have mixed feelings about it. Some background: I am 39 years old, have had 3 children, weigh 110 lbs and workout religiously. I have been plagued by pockets of fat below my butt which I fondly refer to as my "second... READ MORE

Well I had it done, after so many years of wanting to have thinner inner thighs, I finally took the plung, Yesterday! 4 hours later, and awake during the entire process. The most painful bit about the proceedure was the anaesthetic injections. On a scale of 1-10 I would put them at a 6 for the 3... READ MORE

I had cool touch lipo done in a northern suburb of chicago. I had 3 procedures to different areas and had my body reshaped. 52 years old and look like a 35 year old body. The skin tightening I got with the Cool Touch Laser was great. I did not require a tummy tuck and I can now wear a 2 piece... READ MORE

I had laser lipo with tumescent 2 weeks ago and am still recovering. I'm a 27 healthy male, very active and fit, workout 6x a week cardio/weight training and very healthy diet (no trans fat, high protein, low carb). I was fat in high school (5'8 & 215) but since lost it all,... READ MORE

Well, I've had laser liposuction on my lower abdominal area. Although I have a considerable amount of swelling on my left side, the right side has healed perfectly and just to what I was expecting prior to surgery. I am quite happy that my doctor has followed through with everything to make... READ MORE

Planning on getting another round of lipo but this time on my thighs and revision on my flanks! Liposuction is's not a cure all for weight loss but I love the affects of it! This time I'm for real it's the last time until I have to get a mommy make over when I have a child. I hope... READ MORE

Since having my son 5 years ago, I've reclaimed my post baby body and lost a little extra weight. I love my body, but post pregnancy, I've been left with some extra fat in my lower tummy and love handles that won't go away unless I am 10 pounds underweight (which I don't want to be). I am... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I want to have Liposuction done as I have tried to loose my belly fat for a long time with gym and other stuff and it has not worked... I have no children but I plan to have them in the near future.... SHOULD I DO it now? I really want too... WHat are the consequences of doing it... READ MORE

Hi, I am considering the strawberry laser from LILA, but it's looking to be just another Zerona (probably scam) machine. Just wondering if anyone has used it before I plop down any money on it, esp. as I am starting to not trust any of these non-invasive machines (just had ultherapy done too,... READ MORE

I am a size 6 but would wear 8 clothes because of my stomach. I had fat no where else and my stomach didn't respond to exercise or starvation. lol. This didn't work for me. Saw initial results the first week. Then swelling set in. After about two weeks of swelling lumps set in. Massaged and... READ MORE

I decided to get laser lipo on my stomach and love handle area. The whole process was lovely. Great staff, nice doctor. I am not overweight, 5 feet 7 and weight 152 pounds. My biggest concern was that I had lower stomach fat that was not going anywhere with diet and exercise. I had the procedure... READ MORE

Im 25 years old, I work out regularly. I watch what I eat. (wont lie, maybe twice a month I have a cheat meal like TGI fridays or pizza!). Ive had horrible muffin tops since im 15. I cannot wear a 2-piece, anything looks bad on me with these muffin tops. Ive tried with several methods for many... READ MORE

In September, I wrote Dr. Jason Emer asking about cellulaze in conjunction with some liposuction - my aspirations at this point were simply to smooth some severe cellulite and contour irregularities - hips and thighs WAY out of proportion to the rest of my body - so that I could feel more... READ MORE

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