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Fraxel Repair is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is used for skin resurfacing—wrinkle treatment, reversing sun damage, treating acne scarring—when more dramatic repair is in order. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my Fraxel Re:pair Co2 laser on 11/21. I had absolutely no pain during the procedure and after. I was given Valium and Demerol before and nerve blocks. The 1st 72 hours were the most horrifying experience. My face swelled up on day 3 to the point I had to call the doctor cause I thought... READ MORE

I had the REPAIR LASER to reduce fine lines and to, hopefully, increase the collagen level in my skin. Additionally, I hoped it would mitigate my facial broken capillaries. I did not expect it to be a FACE LIFT, but a FACE REFRESHER. After 11 weeks post LASER, with all the swelling gone and... READ MORE

I am writing this review from the perspective of both a current patient (Day 5) of my Fraxel Re:pair and as an employee of the plastic surgeon who performed my procedure. I will leave his name out because I am not here to promote our practice, only to offer my advice. I decided to undergo... READ MORE

I did the Fraxel:Repair 3 months ago for minor wrinkles and mild acne scarring. I am a 34 year old female. I was told I would be able to go back out in public after 5-7 days, it took two weeks before I would even see friends. It was six weeks before the redness could be covered by make-up and... READ MORE

Today is Saturday 12/20. I had lipo to hips and Fraxel and CO2 done to my face under general anesthesia, Thursday 12/18. Woke up in the recovery room without much of any pain. Was shocked to see my face. My eyes were swollen and face red and bruised. Overnight, I swole up even more, but... READ MORE

I am on my fourth day of recovery after my Fraxel Re:pair procedure. My recovery has been uneventful, so far, but the procedure was unimaginably painful. It was done in a surgery center, under "twilight" sedation -- and with nerve blocking injections in my face -- but I felt... READ MORE

I’m 17 days post Fraxel Restore procedure. I’m satisfied so far but with some “buts”… The best advice I can give anyone considering Fraxel:Restore is to really is discuss your personal goals with your doctor and then research, research, research.  My personal... READ MORE

I had fraxel repair done to my face and neck 7 days ago. I am 44 years old and wanted it for eyes crepes, sun damage, and some added lift to face and neck from age. The first couple of days you look like a monster! Then swelling and redness come on. I am happy that I did it so far. Make... READ MORE

I had i done and it hurt sooo much. You should be put to sleep for that type of treatment! I was told that it wouldn't be that painful! There is a lot of hype about Fraxel but I had very little results from the Repair that I had done and I was red for almost three weeks. I was disapointed that... READ MORE

I am a 39 y/o female who had the Fraxel Re:Pair procedure 3 days ago, and while I would not recommend it for those with low pain tolerance (like myself!), it already appears the results are worth the intense pain. When I first arrived for my appointment, I was given one 10mg Valium and one... READ MORE

I can agree totally with Stephanie’s opinion on this wonderful laser treatment. My name is Ashley and I live in Huntington Beach, California it was no brainer what office I was going to go to. I chose my doctor based on his CV on his website and his reputation. I researched this office... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair is by far no facelift, but you do get results. Up to three months out I had very smooth skin. I'm guessing it is a temporary look, much like a peel. I was reddish and smooth as a baby's behind. Now six months out you can see the lines again. My face is not as taut. The... READ MORE

I too have tried all of the Fraxels.  None of offered much improvement. Thus far, three months have passed since I have done the latest Fraxel -- Fraxel Re:Pair.  I have seen little to no improvement in acne scars, wrinkles and tightening.  I have been told that it can take... READ MORE

Tons of pain!!!! not much results. I have tried all three of Fraxels lasers now and I am disapointed in the results of the Repair. I tried to get my monry back. I had many days of downtime and the results were not worth all my effort. I now have learned that Fraxel has never made a c02 before,... READ MORE

I have mild acne scars and a few sun spots that were bothering me. I went to a plastic surgeon to see what my options were. The aesthetician recommended that I get a series of Fraxel done. Falling for her sales pitch, I agreed. I've had two Fraxel Re:Pair treatment done a month apart and... READ MORE

I had the fraxel re:pair laser treatment on my face three weeks ago and not only am I still very red, but I now have acne all over my chin area. My skin looks worse than before I had the treatment and regret having it done. No web site I have visited provides the real! recovery time for such a... READ MORE

My name is Stephanie and I am an almost 42 year old female who went for fraxel re;pair on Sept. 25th, 2008. I went to a doctor who is very experienced in this procedure and owns his own machine. Another Dr. who was researched to do the procedure was rejected by myself as she is a great dr. but... READ MORE

I had blotchy brown patches "the mask of pregnancy" on my face due to fluctuating hormone levels. The dermatologist recommended Fraxel. I was told that I would feel like a rubber band was being snapped on my face. I have a high pain threshold but this had to be the most painful... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Repair 12 days ago August , 08,  the results are making me feel very happier everyday. I have suffered from had acne scarring, discoloration on my cheeks, that bothered me a lot. At 45 and lots of sun tanning in my younger years. This new technology sounded very helpful... READ MORE

I had Re:pair done in early July. It was my full face and neck. I am 55 year old male. There was little pain with pain relievers. The soaking and other follow-up went well. There was a lot of swelling on day 2/3. I returned to work after 10 days. I was very red for about 4 weeks but now... READ MORE

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