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Fraxel Repair is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is used for skin resurfacing—wrinkle treatment, reversing sun damage, treating acne scarring—when more dramatic repair is in order. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $3,450

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I did fraxal with the infamous doctor kilmer. Shes my dermatologist but i actually had a nurse do the procedure. It was very painful. The nurse said it was on a very high setting. I did forehead, nose, cheeks. I also did v beam around my nose. I think the key with stuff like this since i have... READ MORE

I had full face fraxel lazer for acne scarring three months ago.Although my face has a more taunt apperance my scarring is still evident. Was very painfull still woundering if the results was worth it.At such a high cost.And am not satisfied with the out come.going to see the doctor for... READ MORE

I has Fraxel to give my face a smoother complexion and to remove fine lines and sun spots. I heard it was a safe approach for the results I wanted. I had my first Fraxel treatment 10 days ago for sun/brown spots and fine lines. Today my face is still red and a little swollen. Also, it has a... READ MORE

I had Fraxel repair done in early January 2011. I'll post more information here over the next few days regarding my experience. READ MORE

I had Fraxel Re:Pair almost three weeks ago. I carefully researched my doctor and the procedure. Most of what I read is true about this procedure, in my experience. Its quite expensive, but included general anesthesia. If I'd had my whole face and neck done, it would have been $6000, the... READ MORE

I had fraxel done twice 2 years ago and decided to have another session following 2 polaris tightening sessions. The treatment (tuesday afternoon)was as painful; as before but bearable with the numbing gel. Wednesday morning i was very red snd had a swollen face especially under the eyes and... READ MORE

This is my second fraxel repair for treating premature aging under my eyes. The first time through I experienced the normal swelling and redness which slowly faded over the period of 2 weeks or so. I was happy with the first treatment and decided to do a second treatment to improve the area... READ MORE

Horrible result. I regret it everyday. I had great recovery and thought I would love results, but after 4 months my result was worse than when I started with crepey skin under eyes and I was left with hyperpidmentation I did not have that has not responded to tri-luma or hydroquinone or renova... READ MORE

Im 23 I received the profraxelional which is basically the same name for fraxel repair... I wanted to fix two pot marks left from acne and the dermatologist recommended the fraxel. I only did a small patch on my cheek but wish i would have just left it alone. It may have helped one of the scars... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Repair, fairly significant. (Depth of 20-25 if that means anything to you.) The bad things that I didn't expect: It was way more painful than I was prepped for. (Not the procedure itself, which I had under anaesthesia, but the recovery was definitely 10 days of pain.) More... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair especially when combined with Thermage is absolutely worth it ! I have done it twice now and each time I have noted up until a year later the excellent results. Tighter and more elastic skin, major reduction in fine lines and an overall glow that makes one look very rested and... READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of some of my wrinkles and sun damage but was afraid of plastic surgery. READ MORE

To look younger, tighten and refine skin, even out skin texture and color, remove fine lines READ MORE

I have been using biafine at night since day 4 post fraxel repair. I am now on day 8. I am not expereincing any problems other than being a deep red.  I just want to  use the very best healing cream possible. Also, can you buy neocrutis over the counter? and can you just switch... READ MORE

I just had a Fraxel Repair treatment 4 days ago. Some small acne scar areas where also injected with hyaluronic acid 2 hours prior to the Fraxel repair treatment. The skin recovery is proceding as normal, but the question is now: Should I use the Bioptron light source to speed up recovery time?... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Repair 4 months ago and it has been a disaster. I'm now suffering from what they call "micro-scarring" which has created a terrible texture on my skin. My acne scars are better, but the microscars that were left behind bother me each time I look in the mirror. My skin... READ MORE

I am three weeks out from Fraxel Repair...Question - I have deep grooves underneath my eyes that were not there before! Will these improve with time with collagen fill or is this my end result? Only reason I had this done was for underneath my eyes and they look much worse. Procedure was done as... READ MORE

I had Fraxel Repair procedure done 13 days ago. I have just turned 40. Before the procedure I had a soft, beautiful, smooth, flawless skin. No scar, no acne, no acne spots/scars, no discoloration, redness, or any other possible flaws; only an extremely mild case of wrinkles which I've been... READ MORE

I have very mild acne scarring on my face that I wanted to improve. I also have large pores and some sun damage on my forehead that I wanted to improve. My doctor said i would see the best improvement just in overall tone and texture which he said would be greatly improved. I had Fraxel... READ MORE

64 hours post-procedure To write a review here, you are forced to choose a satisfaction level. It's far too early to say, so I chose "good" because it's right in the middle. That said, I'm absolutely expecting "excellent" results! Well, everything I've... READ MORE

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