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Fraxel Repair is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is used for skin resurfacing—wrinkle treatment, reversing sun damage, treating acne scarring—when more dramatic repair is in order. LEARN MORE ›
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I had Fraxel Repair at age 51 in April of 2010. I had IV sedation for the procedure so I did not have any pain. I remember being in some pain when I woke up but that subsided. The recovery was difficult for me. I followed my doctor's instructions and set an alarm clock to go off every hour... READ MORE

I am a fair-skinned 39 years old, and have suffered moderate generalized rosacea for most of my adult life, and in the last 10 years developed the occasional small vein in my cheek or nose. About 6 years ago I began treating the generalized rosacea - VERY successfully - first with C02 laser,... READ MORE

I am hispanic with tan skin. I am one month post fraxel repair and the treated area is still very red, with hyperpigmented spots (brown spots) and laser track marks. Please-in specific detail-tell me what to do for this! This is not the "walk in the park" that I was told it would... READ MORE

I did this for subtle acne scars and even more subtle pigmentation. I now live with problems one thousand times worse than what I had before the laser and sadly, thin skin and scars are permanent. This laser has aged me ten yrs. I was perfectly healthy and now have been diagnosed with 3 physical... READ MORE

Its expensive here! but so far so good. Pros: i am darker skinned, and feared the laser. but have had excellent experiences so far with the outcomes. Tons of people telling me i glow now, and have smooth skin. She was able to adjust the levels according to the section on the face needed, and... READ MORE

Okay Im on day four if you count the procedure the first day. My Dr. made this surgery sound like a breeze..needless to say it's pretty close to giving birth but just on the other end of the body. Day one vinegar rinses and vasaline, same thing on day two, day three brown skin coming off... READ MORE

I had the Fraxel Re-Pair treatments done a little over a year and a half ago for my acne scarring. What happened is the doctor only treated the area on my cheeks where the scars where. Now I look at my skin in lighting and can see a distinct line or what looks like a skin elevation difference... READ MORE

At 51, I was feeling that my aging face no longer matched the youthfulness I still feel physically and mentally. I didn't want to undergo something as invasive as a facelift. After much research, Fraxel Repair seemed like the way to go. I was, however, cautiously optimistic. Dr. L and... READ MORE

I easily had skin in the top 5% of all skin I've ever seen. I was grateful for that, and eager to take the best care of it. My doctor said I'd be "treating" my condition/minor flaws, and "rejuvenating" my skin, making it "better". I regret this everyday. I have lost my healthy skin that people... READ MORE

I had the fraxel repair done 10 days ago. I was worried about being put in twilight because I have a paradoxical reaction to Versed, but I was fine. After my procedure that day, I didnt remember a thing ( I was out of it). My face was covered in blood and it looked really painful. I was... READ MORE

Have to say very painful and 6 days of vinegar and cream, and stuck in the house. I am 52 and now that the recovery period is over, my skin looks amazing. Well worth it if you have time to recover. READ MORE

I'm 48 yrs old and had Fraxel repair done on Mar 4 to my face/neck. After reading all the blogs on this site, I feel very fortunate in every way of my results so far. My concerns for doing this were age/sun spots, fine line wrinkles and skin tone. The procedure and recovery was on target with... READ MORE

I had the fraxel re:pair co2 laser treatment done on Nov. 4. I am 66 and previously had two fraxel restore treatments which did nothing for me. So I opted to go to the more invasive co2 re:pair laser. I am delighted with the co2 fraxel re:pair results. It erased all the lines and age spots... READ MORE

I just read all of the reviews on this procedure and I'm shocked that so many people had negative or painful experiences. I just had the Fraxel Repair on August 6, 2008 and as of yesterday, August 13, I'm back to work, feeling great and absolutely thrilled with the experience and the results!... READ MORE

I had a fraxel repair done for my cheeks and under eye area for slight lines and acne scarring. I had significant loss of volume in my cheeks and under my eyes. I am 34 years old and now my face looks awful and I am trying to figure out how to fix these problems. When I explained this to the... READ MORE

I've had the fraxel repair treatments and it just amazes me how my skin has changed in just a short time! My pores are tighter and no one believes how old I am! While the red face for a couple of days would be the only con, the pros are far more numerous! READ MORE

I did fraxal with the infamous doctor kilmer. Shes my dermatologist but i actually had a nurse do the procedure. It was very painful. The nurse said it was on a very high setting. I did forehead, nose, cheeks. I also did v beam around my nose. I think the key with stuff like this since i have... READ MORE

I had full face fraxel lazer for acne scarring three months ago.Although my face has a more taunt apperance my scarring is still evident. Was very painfull still woundering if the results was worth it.At such a high cost.And am not satisfied with the out come.going to see the doctor for... READ MORE

I has Fraxel to give my face a smoother complexion and to remove fine lines and sun spots. I heard it was a safe approach for the results I wanted. I had my first Fraxel treatment 10 days ago for sun/brown spots and fine lines. Today my face is still red and a little swollen. Also, it has a... READ MORE

I had Fraxel repair done in early January 2011. I'll post more information here over the next few days regarding my experience. READ MORE

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