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WORTH IT RATING based on 717 reviews
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An FDA-approved brand of laser devices, Fraxel aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, sun damage, acne, and, in some cases, the pre-cancerous skin condition actinic keratosis (AK). LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $1,700

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It took me a long time to build up the courage to get Fraxel done. About the procedure itself: well, In my opinion, if you can't tolerate pain, don't do Fraxel. My fraxel treatment hurts like hell. I hated it, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I was being a big wuss, but Dr. Ishoo and Neomi were so... READ MORE

I went to a very nice plastic surgeon to see about having my skin tightened. Since I had gone to this doctor before for fillers, I thought nothing of it that the office manager told me by email that I should consider fraxel. When they ran a special months later, I thought I could try it out.... READ MORE

My mother and I have been going to Cosmetique for about 3 months now. It's become our weekend ritual. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and the doctor is fantastic. Mom had IPL for melasma (large brown spots) on her cheeks. After only one treatment they are almost completely gone... READ MORE

I'm in my mid 40's, have fair skin, love the outdoors, and have a history of mild acne. I went to Dr. Gilman hoping to minimize fine lines, acne scarring, sun spots, and overall tone of skin. During my consultation, she spent time explaining how and why my skin and face had changed over... READ MORE

Extremely disappointed. Not only did it do nothing for my scarring - I now have slight skin discoloration. I'm very fair skinned (Irish). Looking at other options - waste of money and time. :-/ please don't do this. You will be disappointed. If I have results with other options I will add... READ MORE

 I came in one hour before the procedure to numb. I didn't feel a thing! I was pink for two days and then peeled for two more days. Now a week later my skin has never looked more beautiful! It got rid of all of my sun damage. My husband is coming in next for the Fraxel. READ MORE

Being 22 I must say I was a bit worried about doing the fraxel, but I am so happy with the results. If you have lighter skin tone with freckles as I do the recovery time does take longer. (my skin stayed pink for longer, six months) but nothing a little makeup can cover. The worst part is having... READ MORE

Its been one week since my fraxel treatment and I have been breaking out in whiteheads and cysts on my chin. My skin looks and feels smoother, aside from my crusty chin which has upset me a lot. I have sun damaged skin, I'm 46 years old and trying to age as gracefully as I can. I don't know if... READ MORE

After years of too much sun, I decided to visit Dr. Anolik. I was bothered by my skin's dullness and lines. We talked over lots of options and I decided on the Fraxel Dual laser. As expected, I had a few days of looking pink and flaky but I didn't have any pain. Pretty amazing improvement. I... READ MORE

I had a consultation by Dr Shamban @Santa Monica Blvd Dec 2006 because "acne style" scars on my face from the old accident. I had done my homework very carefully so I was perfectly aware that only treatment what can actually help me was a traditional CO2 laser peel. I knew it was extremely... READ MORE

I did a lot of research about Fraxel before going through the procedure. So I knew that it wouldn't be a work of magic. About the treatment: it is very painful and it takes about a week to recover, forget about that "going back to work the same day" thing. You will look red and swollen for... READ MORE

Cons: hurt so bad , redness after treatment it takes 2 weeks to disappear. Pros: none bottom line : this laser didn`t work for me at all not even after taken 4 sessions then i stopped taking it , so regretted for the $ 1,200 i spent , don`t waste your money and your time read the other... READ MORE

I had Fraxel twice (last year and this year) on my entire face+eyes and now I look much younger. I am 37 (soon 38) and people tell me I look no older than 25. It's shocking I know and I am not sure whether to be happy, flattered or embarrassed. After the treatment, my entire face was lifted and... READ MORE

I'm on my second Fraxel treatment. My first one was over a year ago and due acne I had to stop and go on accutane. I have noticed slight improvement after my first treatment and now I'm on day 2 of my second fraxel treatment. My Doctor was very aggressive and went over my face 10x's... READ MORE

I've developed sun spots in the last 5 yrs which are getting worse and tried expensive skin lighten treatments from Dior which did nothing. After seeing the Fraxel before and after photo s I was sold. The downtime is so temporary ( redness like a sun burn ) compared to the long lasting... READ MORE

Hi, to everyone! At first I have to apologize for my bad english (i'm from italy). This is my story: About 4 months ago i had one session of fraxel restore ( palomar starlux 1540) around the eyes in order to thicken the skin and achieve some improvement for my blue- dark eye circles ( i... READ MORE

I have been seeing Dr. Gidon for several years and have had several treatments that she offers in her clinic and have been very happy with Botox, fillers, microdermabrasion and intense pulsed light. Her staff is very knowledgeable and friendly so I feel comfortable going there. I had some brown... READ MORE

I had Fraxel ReStore done by Klein's nurse practitioner in 2009. There were zero side effects, yet learning that a good Fraxel ReStore is supposed to give you puffiness or some swelling, redness, etc. I walked out of the office on all occassions like nothing had happened. Not even slight peeling... READ MORE

I had 5 treatments done to get rid of my acne scarring and Fraxel worked great for in rejuvenating as well as smooth my face. Although it is slightly uncomfortable during the procedure but not that bad.I highly recommend fraxel laser for acne scarring. I would recommend choosing an experienced... READ MORE

Not bad at all. Had whole face done. Felt like an elastic band snapping on my face. Feels like a sunburn after treatment. Extremely well tolerated. First treatment today. Can't wait for more. Goal is to reduce lines and creases around the mouth area. Hopefully this will be the alternative... READ MORE

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