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Fraxel is a brand of FDA-approved fractional laser devices used by doctors to treat wrinkled or sun-damaged skin as well as acne scarring, skin discoloration, and more. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello everyone just trying to see if I can get some feed back on my co2 laser treatment... Iv had co2 done two and a half weeks ago I went through where I was bright red to brown than to peeling which I hear it normal but after I was told to start the bleaching cream again after the 7th day... READ MORE

I chose fraxel for a few fine lines & I heard about it stimulating collagen. I'm 15 months post one fraxel treatment. I have loss fat under both my eyes leaving hollows, my cheeks are sunken, developed significant hyperpigmentation where I had none previously. My face looks like I've aged... READ MORE

I choose to do Fraxel because I had a lot of sun spots, which I hated them.Dr.Green told me the best option for me was Fraxel,because i wanted to see my results fast,i knew what to expect because D.Green had explained everything to me. It is actually quite easy. You are red for two days and... READ MORE

I suffered from severe acne through my 20s, mostly due to long work hours. At the age of 26 I finally had enough and jumped on the Accutane train. I was prescribed to take it for 5 months, but out of laziness I only took 4 months worth of the product. Scared that I'd need a second round, I'm... READ MORE

Fine facial lines and brown sun spots. I went to Dr Lorenc for his weekend z peel fraxel treatment. My procedure was done on a Friday, as promised I was able to be seen in public on Monday. Each day got better and better. I didn't realize how great the outcome really was until weeks... READ MORE

I had Fraxel on both my face and chest a year and a half ago. I wanted to lighten melasma on my face and to smooth scars on my chest. Worst decision I could have made. After Fraxel I appeared to age significantly. My face looked dehydrated, pigmented and porous. My nasolabial folds were a... READ MORE

I went in for a consult with Dr. Glavey regarding Fraxel. I had suffered from acne throughout my teenage and early adult years and had some scarring that remained around my chin. She recommended that I consider having 3-4 treatments to my chin only. Words cannot express how happy I am with the... READ MORE

I had Faxel Laser done 7 months ago. I had a great complexion except for a little malasma on my checks. I went to Prevea Plastic Surgeon in Green bay, becuase I thought I could trust them talked with them for about a year before I finanaly did it. I was told nothing could go wrong and I would be... READ MORE

I had my first Fraxel treatment 2 days ago in order to try to correct my acne scars. I am 27 years old and don't have any other skin issues. The session was quite painful. the gel she put on my skin prior to the laser made my skin very red and I felt a great disconfort. the session was quite... READ MORE

I initially had gone on quite a few consults for fraxel treatment but when I met Dr. Cameron Rokhsar something told me that he was the right person for the job. He gave me realistic expectations and was extremely thorough with all information about the procedure. He seemed to be exactly what he... READ MORE

Yesterday I had my first fraxel dual treatment for skin discolouration (melasma and dark circles) and to treat my under eye lines and creases. I'm 35 and recently noticed that my skin isn't looking as good as it should. When I was younger I sunbathed without strong enough sun screen and... READ MORE

I experienced Fraxel Laser Feb. 2012 to my face & neck. I am a 50 year old; fair skinned female. My doctor is in Folsom CA. I actually had "Thermage" (1 week) then the Fraxel Laser experience. My doctor had me take steriods; cold sore preventive along with an antibiotics 1 day... READ MORE

Previous CO2 in 1990s for bad acne scarring around chin and upper lip. Prolonged erythema (almost a year) followed by some patchy hypopigmentation. Have v pale skin so overall much better than pre-laser. In recent years, marked deterioration in the condition of skin on my face and neck,... READ MORE

Had my first Fraxel last week for wrinkles and mild pigmentation. More painful than I expected. Very swollen the next 2 days with eyes very puffy and skin very red, then dry and peeling = was told to expect this so no problem. Developed 6 very ugly cold sores on nose and top of lip, which I... READ MORE

Had Fraxel Restore done 6 months ago on face neck and chest. Face healed well although ever since my cheeks randomly burn sometimes for 2 to 3 days. Then it will just stop. My neck and chest had a burning feeling for a few months which has now stopped but it's very very red, irritated,... READ MORE

I had my first Fraxel Laser treatment on April 2, 2012 on my chest and neck. Its been 3 weeks and I really can't tell a lot of difference to my skin texture although it feels rough. I do have these little red bumps that just appeared over the weekend. Has anyone else had this? If so, is it... READ MORE

Originally, my plan was to have Fraxel Repair. However, the timing kept me from doing the procedure. I'm always busy with one project or another and need to be able to go in public. Finally my doctor suggested doing the milder Fraxel Restore, which would leave a sunburned appearance for 2... READ MORE

Fraxel helped with some scarring and dry skin. I never really needed the procedrure I just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was used as a model. I live in HI now and literally have to wear sunscreen 24/7. Once my face had hit my the sun I experienced hyper pigmentation... READ MORE

   I came across your posts concerning hyperpigmentation from fraxel. I was just curious if anyone can offer any advice bc I am desperate at this point. I received treatment for acne scars almost 2 years ago.  Was excited with initial results, but after about a week my face... READ MORE

Hurts like hell so far and is oozing. Also not a back sleeper so I'm physically exhausted and can't sleep right now:( READ MORE

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