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An FDA-approved brand of laser devices, Fraxel aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, sun damage, acne, and, in some cases, the pre-cancerous skin condition actinic keratosis (AK). LEARN MORE ›
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I have been dealing with melasma for many years. I have spent a ton of money on creams and lotions to lighten my skin only to get minimal results at best. I read about fraxel in New Beauty magazine and decided to give it a try. I couldn't be happier. The procedure itself was a little... READ MORE

Sat Sept 7/13 My doctor and his assistant talked me out of the fractional CO2 that I originally wanted. They explained that this was a better route to take as there are fewer risks/complications etc. What changed my mind was the consultant said she'd had both ablative and non ablative peels. ... READ MORE

For several years, I had been dealing with severe melisma. I was very excited to learn that Richmond Dermatology and Laser Center in Richmond, Virginia offered the new Fraxel Dual. In September 2011, I had my first treatment with only the "dual" portion of the laser. My skin looked great - for... READ MORE

I had the worst possible experience with the Fraxel laser. On the day of the procdure, after waiting almost 2 hours for Dr. Taub, with the anthestic cream wearing off, the procedure was much more painful than they described. I had a number of complications that were not directly addressed well... READ MORE

Hello all, I had a FRAXEL RESTORE DUAL session 7 weeks ago to treat a small surgical scar on the bridge of my nose and a couple of small and not deep acne scars on my chin and lower cheeks area. The doctor told me I might need one or two sessions. I asked him about side effects and... READ MORE

I have a high tolerance for pain but it felt painful during the procedure and 1st day up to the 2nd day. I am on my 6th day now and pretty much the peeling is almost complete. my sideburn areas are still looking bronzed. I decided to have this done to get rid of dark spots, liver spots or... READ MORE

I rarely write reviews but I wanted to share my experience with Fraxel. Going through with this procedure was very nerve racking. I read review after review, terrified by the horror stories. However, after a short burst of cystic acne that left scars all over my cheeks, I was extremely self... READ MORE

I'm 43 and had fraxel done today. I have dark hair and blue eyes, fair complected but can tan in the sun. Unfortunately the woman forgot to tell me that I would need someone to drive me home so no painkiller for me. :(. Anyway I did have the numbing cream on for the full hour prior to the... READ MORE

I received the Fraxel re:pair treatment 2 months ago. I am left with the waxy orange peel texture that other reviewers have mentioned. I have researched all the posts but none mentioned if this can be cured. Does anyone know if this is some permanent damage? I was not warned by the doctor the... READ MORE

I wanted to refresh my skin and remove or lighten the age spots on my face, neck and décolleté. I was also told that it would tighten the skin which was a plus for me but I had a slow peel 16 years ago and so my skin was in fairly good condition. The first two days after were not bad. We... READ MORE

My skin texture was hideous, I had a lot of scarring on my cheeks and chin as well as my forehead. After researching a lot and consulting with my doctor, we decided on Fraxel laser treatment, was glad because a friend of mine had same treatment from same doctor, and I was really amazed at her... READ MORE

I ve had scars and hypo-pigmentation for a while because of my two pregnancies, and I wanted to get rid of them. So I found a Groupon offer and decided to take an advantage of it. I noticed within a short period of time that my skin is smoother and tighter. And realized that I look forward to... READ MORE

All my procedures welcoming and comfortable.Surgeon did a fantastic job, He knew what he was doing and had good experience. He did a good job in making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am happy with all outcomes, I went in looking 67 and now I look 37. Remember no pain , no gain, but not for long. READ MORE

Over the years I have explored many techniques for 'rewinding' time. Fraxel in the right hands, using the best unit, is BRILLIANT as is IPL. I am in my 60s and my skin tends to be sensitive. Nevertheless both Fraxel and IPL work brilliantly for me. Therapists have guessed my age to be late... READ MORE

It was my 9th fraxel session and i have always had positive results. I had nice skin before this last session and was told to maintain my good skin i should buy a package of 4 more. I wish i never did now. My 8th session was in Jan. 2013 and went great. But on May 19 my ninth session is where... READ MORE

I am 22 years old Asian who received Factional Thermolysis for acne scar treatment. Not only I want to share my experience, but I also want to give some advice for those undergoing laser therapy. First thing first, Fractional Thermolysis is likely the most safe form of laser treatment for acne... READ MORE

I go for my first Fraxel treatment next Wednesday and wonder, as a 52 year old male, what to expect? I worked in the sun for many years and my face shows it. My wife, who is 48, looks at least 10 if not 15 years younger than me. My original thought was to go with Erbium/CO2 and get it done in... READ MORE

I had Fraxel repair was bit pain and had to washing with vinegar wipes take care of it after but now 10 months on my face and lines have have smoothed and look 10 yrs younger I'm 50 had breast cancer and it was 5 yr mark needed too make my self feel good after operations and chemo. So I treated... READ MORE

First and foremost...I love Dr Hardaway she is the consummate professional, she is both knowledgeable and patient. Dr Hardaway performed my tummy tuck and the plan is for her to do my rhinoplasty next year. I have had fraxel done 8 times in the last 2 years in Dr Hardaway office. Let me be... READ MORE

I had fraxel done several years ago with a modest improvement. I did Botox and juvederm after that. Few times over the next few years. I went in a few weeks ago ( and saw the doctor who had taken over the practice) to have a touch up and was encouraged to have the dual fraxel to help with tone... READ MORE

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