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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens loose skin—around the face, eyes and neck. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $10,900

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My appearance is important to me. It is the thing that shows people and the World who I am. All of my close friends have a similar attitude and everyone in my circle takes care and pride in their presentation and appearance. It is a large part of who we are. As a 53 years old receptionist... READ MORE

I told the doctor that I don't want to look different, just less tired and grumpy. I've had IPL and laser treatments in the past, plus Radiesse to plump my cheeks, but things are sagging (I'll be 60 in August) and I think it's time to do something more drastic. My eyelids are so low that it's... READ MORE

My motivation was not to correct my face, but to look like myself, 10 years ago. I wanted to have more youthful and firmer skin. I did a lot of research and knew that a 'mini' lift would not do the trick. I also researched board certified surgeons, asked a lot of questions, until I decided... READ MORE

I went in for a free consultation as I was thinking maybe facial resurfacing would help my 'signs of aging'. When the Dr. met with me he said I needed 'much more' than that if I wanted to see any great improvement. His suggestion was a full facelift, eyes, and forehead, followed by the deep CO2... READ MORE

I am so happy I had the surgery performed by Dr. C. I definitely look at least 15 years younger than I did prior to the surgery. What a boost to my self-confidence and self-esteem. And I had a lot of these attributes prior. I enjoy using the Image Lift products, love putting on my make-up... READ MORE

I have had the previglue of having a tummy tuck several years ago by Dr. Rafizadeh and I was just thrilled with the results. Since then life's challenges and "growing old gracefully" is not in my vocabulary. I was tired of always looking tired. I did not want or expect to look 20 as I am 56... READ MORE

I had a facelift last Friday. So far everything has gone well, as well as expected. I was very nervous going in but the nurses and my doctor took good care of me and prepared me for everything. When I got home I took the prescribed pain pill and sleeping pill and made it thru the first night.... READ MORE

I had a full face lift and I love my new look !! It was the best thing I have ever spent money on the result are perfect I now look 10 years younger at the age of 50 ! Would I do it ever again for sure. The pain level was about 5 on a scale from 1 to 10 after 4 months I still feel some numbing... READ MORE

I wanted to post pictures because I think this may be helpful to anyone considering surgery. I also want to show what a marvelous surgeon I had. I believe that Dr. Marcus is an extremely talented surgeon. I felt young but was looking quite old with loss of facial fat and a "sagging" face. I feel... READ MORE

After many years of researching medical tourism, I decided to make the trip to Cancun to get a facelift, upper and lower eyelids, and a necklift. Since Cancun is only a 2 hour ride from me by plane, added to the fact that I had been there before on a cruise and loved it, and knew (or at least... READ MORE

Aging 'gracefully' is easier said and done, particularly when is happen to you. I have always taken good care of my appearance and definitely took pride in looking my best. I was lucky in that despite submitting my skin to extreme tanning practices in my youth, I still looked younger 'for my... READ MORE

64 years old, breast atrophy (where did they go??). He gave me a half-facelift (bottom), surgery on both upper and lower eyelids, neck lift and two new gel boobies (180 cc) . When I awoke in my room, he was holding my hand and I was covered with gauze like a mummy. He pre-ordered pain... READ MORE

I'm very unhappy with the results. Not at all what I expected. It has been only six months and the lines on my face are already showing again. Actually, the lines appear worse on the right side of my face than before. Around the eyes are very uneven. I told Dr. Young about this and he suggested... READ MORE

About thirteen years ago I had my upper eyes done. Immediately after the surgery I went back to the surgeon and said "you did not take enough skin or fat out" to which he replied "you really need a brow lift." I was 42 years old, and at the time and the only way that a brow lift was done at... READ MORE

I agonized over the decision to have a facelift here in Georgia. I am originally from Connecticut not far from NYC and had my choice of high profile doctors. In the end I trusted my gut that my PS here was well trained and skilled. He turned out to be great and I love the results. It is not the... READ MORE

My date is Feb. 13, in Tijuana, with Dr. Jose Mendiola. He is a specialilst hired by the people that have a huge clinic at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana. The hotel is like a city, with all kinds of health therapies. I am still exploring all the details and plans. I am 95% sure about it... READ MORE

This is a revision of my previous review. I hope it meets the guidelines. I had a facelist and Necklift done by Drs. Abel and Gustavo Chajir in Buenos Aires. Sadly I am left with permanent disfiguring scars as shown in my photos.  I  paid an additional $3000 in cash for an... READ MORE

Dr. Schreiber was very caring and gave me an accurate account of the procedure. The hospital staff took great care of me and I was home the next day. I had very little discomfort after the first day, and by following post surgery instructions, I healed very well over the next few weeks. I had... READ MORE

I am very pleased with my results!! I had my my brows re positioned which is done with a forehead lift, upper and lower eyes and fat transfer to lips and necklift. My experience with CosMed Clinic was a good one, I was treated very well and the food was also very good. I was picked up at the... READ MORE

In my opinion , Dr. Chung is one of the most talented Plastic Surgeons in the country . I came to her a 60 year old man with plenty of facial flaws to be repaired . I had what's so unfaltering refer d to as a Turkey Neck , a Protruding Far-head , Baggy Under Eyes , and more minor facial... READ MORE

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