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Dermabrasion is the process of surgically scraping the skin to help lessen the appearance of scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pre-cancerous lesions. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a few very minor wrinkles around my lip. i'm not sure if the dermabrasion procedure was worth it yet, if i have to keep covering the pink color with makeup, i'd say no, still being patient hoping final result will be an improvement. now 4.5 months post surgery and still... READ MORE

Pros: Not Worth it Cons: Very Painful Asian with dark skin had dermabrasion 7 months ago, no improvement at all. I wish that i didn't have the procedure. I blame myself for not doing enough research about the side effects. Please help. My new skin is too white, it doesn't blend... READ MORE

Had bad acne as a teen which left scars, uneven skin, and purple marks from the "blood pockets". The dermabrasion made a dramatic change. No more purple marks and much more even skin. Had a second dermabrasion at 42 years old. Wanted to remove the fine lines and even out the skin... READ MORE

I had dermabrasion in 2009. no pain at all. didnt even take tylenol. however its been a month and see no results. i had dermabrasion for enlarged pores. any one know how long it takes to see results?still a little red but not realy. i had acne when i was younger about 13 im 27 now. i had... READ MORE

I had acne for about 4 years (High school yrs :( .Accutane took care of this in 10 month-I wish my doctor prescribed it earlier-However, I was left with 3 scars on my left cheek and I never even knew that plastic surgeons could do anything about them.[0.7 cm hypopigmented & indented... READ MORE

My dermabrasion was done in an outpatient surgery center by a plastic surgeon. I was put to sleep while it was done. My face was raw and took between one and two weeks to heal. Then my skin was red for months which had to be hidden with makeup. Then my face was somewhat hypopigmented and... READ MORE

I can't remember the exact cost since it was so long ago (1880's), plus some of the fee is outpatient facility and anesthesia. I had a general anesthetic so of course I didn't feel anything. I don't remember pain afterward, I don't even remember if I had pain pills afterward, but probably did. I... READ MORE

I had dermabrasion in 2000 for the fine lines around my mouth and nose. I was very dense about the treatment at the time and am ashamed to admit I rushed into it. Now I feel much more lucid and – having done my research – would actually do it again (but I would be prepared). I was a... READ MORE

I had a mild face lift in my early 30's to deal with some sagging issues with my skin. I had a few deep lines above my upper lip and my doctor suggested I do dermabrasion on the area since I would be under anesthesia. The immediate aftermath was a little scary. My skin developed a thick... READ MORE

It’s really hard to find the truth about dermabrasion online. It’s one of those great mysteries where you don’t find out what it REALLY is until you do it (like childbirth). Like, people just don’t realise how bloody, messy and painful dermabrasion is. The name makes sense – it’s... READ MORE

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