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Think of a dental crown like a new outfit for your tooth. Placed over the pearly white, the crown fully encases the tooth to change its shape, size, and strength. Common materials for crowns include porcelain, stainless steel, and ceramic. LEARN MORE ›

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The new cements and acrylic temporaries cause intense aching in my teeth, and the cement feels like it's burning right down the nerve when the temps are put in. The new kind of permanent cement is also really painful for me. The old tin can temporaries and the old type of cement never caused... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Gould for years and she is a true professional and perfectionist! She really demonstrates her art ability when working on your teeth especially on crown work. I have also had Dr. Gould put veneers on my upper bite and I have received so many compliments on my teeth... READ MORE

I had a 20+ year old filling in a molar that my dentist informed me was breaking down, causing cracks that were letting in decay. He said that the tooth would need to be ground down and a crown placed on it in order to preserve the tooth and prevent any further deterioration. This was done... READ MORE

I have been seeing Dr. Mobasser for over a year now.  I have always been an apprehensive patient-due to uncomfortable experiences as a child.  I did my best to avoid the dental chair at all costs...until I was introduced to Dr. Anthony Mobasser. This dentist and his warm, caring staff removed... READ MORE

Dr. David Freedman not the most honest dentist in toronto, he also the most kind heart person I ever seen. I was referred by my doctor to him for Mandibular advancement device for swing OSA. Dr. Freedman told me, he didn't treat his patients for sleep Apnea lately even he successfully to treat... READ MORE

I visited Dr Mobasser from Phoenix, AZ,because I heard he was the best and I had my dental reconstruction done in his Los Angeles office, with dental porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers.I needed a lot of work and who better to handle this delicate issue than the dentist to the stars.The trip... READ MORE

Such a sweet man. Helped me get through my anxiety of dental work and most importantly I love my smile!!! Staff is very caring and accommodating as well. I had crowns placed, root canal, and a few fillings. Everything feels right for the first time ever. My husband went to Dr. Fischman for Sleep... READ MORE

I thought Arthur Kezian was a good dentist when i just went in for teeth cleanings before he did my crowns. The crowns were severely oversized and made my gums above very grey. The root canals were not done well and i had to have all the root canals redone. Because the crowns were so horrendous... READ MORE

I’ve been under Dr. Castaneda’s good dental care for nearly seventeen years now, and I would not hesitate to have her care for a family member or a friend knowing that family member or friend would get the best possible dental care with the best possible outcome from this caring, competent... READ MORE

Dr. Yazdan DDS is very skilled in creating a natural looking smile. I went in to her office a little scared because I had never had to get a crown before. She gave me the treatment plan step by step and I felt more at ease after talking to her. The temporary stayed on the whole time and I... READ MORE

Existing bonding on front teeth encouraged me to go a head with veneers. Huge mistake! My dentist was horrible and placed restorations I was not happy with. Nor did she stand behind any of her work. If your compelled to have a procedure like this done, I would find the very best dentist possible... READ MORE

Dr. Bojorquez is the best! I had a lot of problems from needing root canals to crowns. She's very professional, kind and explains everything before you start treatment. Her office is easy to find and beautifully modern. I hesitated about going to Baja to have dental work done but would... READ MORE

I'm have always had a major fear of dentist, but Dr. Goode came highly recommended. I was not disappointed. The office is beautiful and the staff was wonderful!!!! The procedure went smoothly and my smile looks amazing. My only complaint is that the office is not located close to where I... READ MORE

You do NOT want to ever use this dentist. Over and above the fact that he is horribly expensive, his workmanship is poor, and his lab even worse. I was recommended to him by a dentist I had used for decades, who was no longer available to care for me. Whereas my original dentist was caring and... READ MORE

I'd like to thank Dr. Tehrani for her conservative and unbiased advice. She is so correct. I have never been to Dr. Tehrani, but whatever procedure a prospective patient is considering, please get an additional two more opinions from other dentists, and then still think more conservatively. I... READ MORE

When i came to Dr. Pankti Patel, my teeth were in a very bad condition. I had many teeth pulled out over the years and some were decayed. To meet my needs and restore function and smile, Dr. Nirav Patel thoroughly analysed my condition and suggested me full mouth rehabilitation with implants in... READ MORE

Dr. Faktor and his team did such a phenomenal job with my dental crown. Throughout the whole process I was given the utmost care and felt completely at ease knowing the wealth of skill and professionalism that Dr. Faktor and his team provides. The crown itself was an absolute match and I... READ MORE

Suzi: I am glad that i found dr Fiss through my search for a professional dentist and I recommend his services because he is truly dedicated and has state of the art facility. Not to mention all his staff for being truly amazing. I had the best experience during my visits there. Dr fiss was... READ MORE

The office is so professional. I got the whole upper and lower crowns and the outcome is very nice. I have no complication after. I had some old crowns and a bunch of cavities. After consultation with Dr Vafa we decided to get a full mouth reconstruction. They changed all the crowns and adjust... READ MORE

I had very negative experience with Dr Michael Chung and would not recommend him to anyone. His only interest is to get money. I had to have reconstruction work done on top and bottom bridges. He asked me to be paid the whole amount some $50000.I agreed to pay half.The permanent top bridges... READ MORE

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