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Think of a dental crown like a new outfit for your tooth. Placed over the pearly white, the crown fully encases the tooth to change its shape, size, and strength. Common materials for crowns include porcelain, stainless steel, and ceramic. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,800

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I had 14 crowns done by Dr Coto in San Jose, CR. In 2 years I had to return because my rays done by US dentist showed decay under some of them and open margibs. Dr Coto said if I had to return..he would pay expenses. NOT true. He rushed thru the corrective procedure, was actually annoyed I... READ MORE

I am pleased to report that this mornings crown prep appointment went very well…of course I was on nitrous so that certainly makes everything seem better. Now if I could just keep my tongue off my temporary crown! Due to packed schedules and vacations on both me & my dentist's part my... READ MORE

I recently invested in a smile makeover but I am extremely regrettful about the whole thing. My brother needed to get a crown down on his front tooth and knew a cheap dentist. I was super excited because I was always insecure about my crooked front teeth. My smile was perfect but you couldn't... READ MORE

You are very lucky!. I am Canadian and could not afford dental in Canada, so I went to Tijuana to do major dental work (17 crowns) and I choose a dentist who does not perform such major work as I needed. ( I did not know and he did not tell me, I found out after I went to Mexico and I was... READ MORE

I am glad to know Dr. Meena and would like to share my case. I know Dr. Meena since early 2009 when I first went to her practice in Worcester for a check-up. The reason for my visit was to take her opinion after being a victim of an improperly fitted bridge for my upper right premolar and... READ MORE

I have always turned around and run from the Dentist. Even for a cleaning. Let me tell you - Dr. Folck and his staff are AMAZING!! I had a crown done and felt no pain. I could not even the injection from the Novocaine. I look forward to my visits now. READ MORE

I researched the internet for the best dentist I could find when I learned I needed a crown after a molar with a big filling broke past the gumline. I found a dentist in Wellington Florida, a top rated cosmetic dentist. He has lots and lots of before and after photos, along with lots of... READ MORE

This site never popped up for me during my months of google searches so I don't know if this review will help or not, but I thought I should try to help others. I had two large fillings that I decided to replace at the same time. The appointment was at 3 p.m. At 4:30, the CEREC machine still... READ MORE

Craacked tooth and tooth decay - medically necessary. After a slip and fall, I cracked a tooth and went to Dr. Kharevich for a dental crown for it.  When she exaimined me, she found that I had 2 other teeth that were showing signs of tooth decay and I got crowns put on all three of the... READ MORE

I had delayed replacing a crown for several years until I found a dentist I could trust. I finally found that with Dr. Carstensen and his staff. They did a wonderful job and the procedure was the best dental experience I have ever had (and completely painless)! READ MORE

I had a big gap between my front teeth from decay. The tooth literally came out in the middle. I was aghast. I never smiled and was very depressed. I had that gap for seven years! I could no longer deal with it and as soon as I had the money I got it fixed. It was one of the best things ever. My... READ MORE

I need to put a crown to protect my tooth becuase the cavity made quite a big hooe in my tooth. I did it several years ago and never regreted!!!! READ MORE

"Well I took a look and I see exactly what happened," my dentist said. "Your crown turned." "OK. Wait. What?" came my extraordinarily intelligent response. "I didn't know that could happen. How is that possible?" Had I been standing up rather... READ MORE

Based upon reviews and consultation with local dentist, I would not put a two crowns on two front where one tooth is dead, rather than one crown covering both teeth. Separate crowns for each tooth would be necessary with wide larger posts put into dead tooth. Better to do separate crown for each... READ MORE

I needed a crown after a tooth with an old filling broke. My brother who is a dentist and dental school professor in San Francisco looked at it and said I got a top quality crown. I trust his opinion. READ MORE

I felt like my tooth was ugly and looked abnormal. After the visit I felt a self ego boost. I first got to know Dr. Chuck when I started doing his advertising. I was so impressed by the way he treated his patients I decided to become one. I hate the dentist and he made me feel at ease. I got... READ MORE

I was always hiding my smile due to crooked teeth. Now I want everybody to see my perfect smile! READ MORE

After Chemotherapy 5-years ago I had some gum recession and bone loss and my old crowns did not look very nice anymore READ MORE

It needed to be done and my other dentist wanted an outrageous price. So I went to Dr. Young and he verified what my original dentist said, but was more reasonable. Plus just visiting his office and meeting his staff, I immediately turned all my and my husbands dental care over to them. READ MORE

Trust the doctor. Dr. Kharevich managed to prepare 2 teeth for full ceramic crowns, to do a core build-up on one of them, to take impressions and make 2 beautiful temporary crowns and fix them. The 2 teeth are the front ones and this is an aesthetic case. Attention! This all happened within... READ MORE

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