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Think of a dental crown like a new outfit for your tooth. Placed over the pearly white, the crown fully encases the tooth to change its shape, size, and strength. Common materials for crowns include porcelain, stainless steel, and ceramic. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,800

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I had a 20+ year old filling in a molar that my dentist informed me was breaking down, causing cracks that were letting in decay. He said that the tooth would need to be ground down and a crown placed on it in order to preserve the tooth and prevent any further deterioration. This was done... READ MORE

BEST experience ever!! Better than my beloved/trusted docs in USA. I saw Dr. Giberto Galvez for 3 root canal treatments and Dr. Irma Gavaldon for 3 crowns. I also was seen buy Dr. C. Moran for my fittings.temps. These are the best docs I have seen EVER. I am a dentalphob… bad history…Ocean... READ MORE

I just came back from a 5 day trip to see Dr Luis Obando of Nova Dental in Escazu Costa Rica. I did lot of research and instinctively found him to be the most enthusiastic, well trained and freshest of the two that I considered. This is a one stop shop that also does implants and root canals. I... READ MORE

When at s routine dental check up i had cavities between my front teeth I was told I needed fillings. When he was about to begin i asked whether I would be able to get braces later with them. Long story short he recommended crowns that would fix the problem so I proceeded when they arrived they... READ MORE

The BEST dentist in Manhattan! I recently had a dental emergency and all I can say is that Dr. Goldberg and his staff were fabulous! I'm a "scaredy cat" when it comes to the dentist. I had some awful experiences when I was younger and I honestly try to make sure I avoid time in that chair... READ MORE

In 2008 my jaw disc slipped out of place. It was extremely painful. Until I could have surgery with an oral surgeon Dr.Calvert took care of me. He made a bite splint to stablize my jaw. I went in multiple times for him to adjust the splint until surgery. Dr.Calvert and his team made sure I was... READ MORE

I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when I went to get veneers and ended up with 6 crowns ! I am still terrified from this and can't believe that this has actually occurred, I lost 6 healthy teeth by croatian dentist Jolic and have had constant pain, sensitivity, problems and severe... READ MORE

Definitely NOT recommend! Did not fit....had to go back 5 times for a simple crown. I felt I over-paid for this service. And why didn't it fit properly the first time??? Dr. F was just so so....Not what I expected at all. His staff is not helpful either. They are under the impression that people... READ MORE

I had my dental feeling done at this practice. This tooth has been bothering me for some time and I was advised that I will have to get it removed. The treatment and advice I received at this practice was excellent. Dr Tiberwal manage to do the filling and the tooth was saved from being removed.... READ MORE

I was born allergic to dairy. As a result I didn't get enough calcium and my teeth suffered. By my 30's they were breaking off on any hard substance. I finally let my dentist replace every tooth in my head with crowns. the first set made me bucktoothed, but the entire experience was done in a... READ MORE

First they put me on the nitrous! I love that stuff! Calms me wayyy down. Then the numbing stuff was placed on my gums before the shot. They then used this little vibe thing to help ease the pain from getting numb. It worked great! Then Dr. McConnell drilled on my tooth and did an impression for... READ MORE

I have never been very comfortable in a dentists office ever since a bad experience when I was young. I have teeth that if I get a cavity, it quickly spreads unless it is immediately treated. That was until I had met Dr. Fiss, his lovely wife Jodi, and the rest of his incredible team. He has a... READ MORE

Dr. Frazar performed a full dental restoration which required approximately 8 implants. The investment of money and time was worth it. Not only did I regain a great looking set of teeth that look natural, but I have been pain free from dental problems which plagued me for years. Both Dr.... READ MORE

Dr.saleh is a miracle worker, I was in so much pain from one of my molars. I was in the chair right away and before I knew it the procedure was over and I was out. The staff is amazing, very professional and efficient. The atmosphere very relaxing and the office is beautiful. I would recommend... READ MORE

Modern facility, easy to find(right by the giant Cancun resorts). The equipment appears to be state of the art(I'm no expert but it seems obvious. My chair had a built in computer monitor so I could pick my own YouTube music videos). The staff is super friendly, even entertaining our kids while... READ MORE

I have the pale yellow teeth from the childhood due to the not cleaning the teeth in time, and at that age I forget that this problem get severe and my teeth also lost its natural color, now when I see in the mirror than I think when at that age if I meet any dentist at that time than they cure... READ MORE

Hello- I had to have 13 crowns, which is all of my top teeth, put on. I have had 3 appointments, have my temps on currently, last appointment will be Oct 21 2013 with Dr Roberto Arce Lopez in Los Algondones MX. The cost total: $3190.00. This includes exam, scaling and planing cleaning,... READ MORE

I knew my tooth needed to be fixed but I hated to have a crown. When I finally went to Dr. Bill Williams, he assured me that it would be just like every other tooth. In the end he was right, the tooth is indistinguishable from the rest and it was very painless. The two-part procedure insured... READ MORE

I came Dr. Victoria Hoang for crown procedure because my two front teet were protruding out (I wanted the faster way instead of braces). She recommend I get all four front teeth done to make them look even. The result was she only coud made the two front teeth went in a little and the two... READ MORE

I was sent from dentist for a crown. I wasn't sure why they could not perform it. The facility was clean, nice and friendly. I was shocked that I needed to have three office visits to complete the crown. First visit was to drill and clean out the tooth canal. My Dr. kept taking little... READ MORE

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