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WORTH IT RATING based on 233 reviews
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As the name suggests, chemical peels peel off old skin so new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use more mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $400

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I have had procedures performed in a dr. office, and I was fairly certain that there are non-surgical procedures that I could perform myself just as well as the "pros," at a significant cost savings. I purchased a 12.5% TCA peel and applied to my face on a Friday night. Saturday it looked... READ MORE

I have mild rosacea and I am so thankful for my Vi peel. It really improved the texture of my skin, specifically softened some old pock marks and made my pores and fine lines appear smaller. It has now been 4 months and my skin both looks and feels much more even than previous. I had a... READ MORE

It went well, and was pain free and didn't take too long. Honestly though, none of that really matters until the results fully set in. Ill update you ladies in a bit. READ MORE

I'm on my 2nd one. I've had some stinging when she first put it on. But nothing I couldn't handle. Peeled like a snake, felt dry in some areas. Make sure you do the towelets like you surpose too. It would sting after I put on the moistureizer, but only for a short time. I would put... READ MORE

I am overall quite happy with the results. My discoloration (from acne scars and sun damage) are almost gone, my skin is less oily, my pores are smaller and some wrinkles are less noticeable. I'd recommend the treatment to a friend. Absolutely! I'm also considering doing it again in a... READ MORE

First peel (a promo) was great...I noticed a big difference in skin. The 5 peels after that were a waste of money. READ MORE

Love the final result, well worth the cost. Be patient for the redness to go away and beautiful skin to emerge! Even out my skin tone, got rid of sunspots, lots of freckles, and even fine lines. Dr W and staff were very patient in answering all my questions and making me feel completely... READ MORE

I have done the melange peel twice. The first one I did last year and made a girls session out of it- my mom and aunt had one done at the same time. We hung out watching TV for the 8 hours the mask had to be on. We all have olive to dark skin and are hispanic. My mom and I are seasoned patients... READ MORE

First, chemical peels are absolutely worth it. They have cleared up fine line wrinkles, evened out my complexion, taken care of brown spots, and restored a healthy glow to my skin. You shouldn't expect everything after the first peel, though. It is a process that should take a few visits.... READ MORE

If you are going to have this TCA Chemical peel, a dermatologist grade peel is dune at a If you are going to have this TCA Chemical peel, a dermatologist grade peel is dune at a dermatologist office. This is the strongest peel you will get. Any other spa will not and CAN NOT give you this grade... READ MORE

I had a series of 3 vitalize peels over the course of 3 months and my skin has drastically improved. Before I did the peels I had puffiness and lines under my eyes, and uneven skin tone. Now tone is great and the puffiness doesn't show unless I don't get enough rest and even then it... READ MORE

This is a great alternative to harsher TCA peels if you have sensitive skin. The peel is superficial, yet aggressive enough to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, superficial lines, and shrink pore size. The stinging during treatment is less intense than with other peels. The actual peeling... READ MORE

I get Vitalize peels in the fall/winter months. Pros- quickly, not very painful, great skin afterwards (no acne, less wrinkles, overall glowing complexion) I don't know for sure but I feel it helps sun damage (teen years in Arizona sun and tanning beds- yikes) Cons- on day 2 or 3 you... READ MORE

A very tough procedure both mentally and physically. This is not an easy thing to go through and I have had several other cosmetic surgeries in the past. The result was worth it, but you need to be very prepared mentally to take this on. The pain is manageable, but there are aspects that are... READ MORE

This is a chemical peel of come sort - it's not natural. In essence it looks easy and looks as though it's going to work. I am a black woman and purchased this to get rid of spots and get an even skin tone. What went wrong: I applied as instructed and left the eyes area. After I... READ MORE

Hello. I just wanted to share my story and to ask for help.I had deep peel performed on my face by plastic surgeon on 4th January this year. I was promissed to get rid of 80% of my acne scars, but it only made my face worse. I am still very red, have to wear make up (I am a guy so you can... READ MORE

Hi I just had a 20% salicylic acid peel at a medi-spa on my skin for acne scarring and to even my skin tone. It has been two days since and I have noticed some of my scars are getting darker as well as my skin feeling tighter and dry.I had it to treat my shallow hyper-pigmented acne scars that... READ MORE

My primary doctor (at the time) was doing laser and derm practices. He had advertised medical grade chemical peels. I called the office and went in for a patch test. He did a 30% TCA peel near my ear area. There wasn't much action when i had gone it to get it checked 4 days later. When I had... READ MORE

Im asian and im 21 and i did four sesions of chemical peel but my skin is not even the same as used to be before the peel as my dermatoligist had promised, instead the treatment has left brown patches on my face and my pores are still large and clogged and i still have a lot acne and scars. i... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I am having a chemical peel skin culture 4000. I have just started on the 12.12.2009 and last evening afer i applied the 3 rd jar, my face has started to swollen up and I am very very red, burned, and I barelly can see. I called the company which sell the Skin Culture 4000 in UK... READ MORE

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