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Body wraps are a non-surgical treatment typically using some combination of organic material and gauze. Wraps are designed to tone and tighten skin, while also helping the body to burn fat. LEARN MORE ›
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I ordered the wraps.. And after 3 weeks, they discovered it was lost in the mail, I was sent a new pack, and my distributor sent me one of her packs. I used all 5 wraps, I drank BOAT loads of water, I didn't sweat for any, and I lost NOTHING. Nadda. Not even HALF an inch! I've ordered thermofit... READ MORE

In my experience of using the body wraps I have felt the burning sensation but have received no results of losing inches. I have followed instructions to the T including eating correctly and drinking half my body weight plus wrapping properly. I have used 4 wraps on my thigh so I will use the... READ MORE

I did the IT WORKS.....BODY WRAPS and didn't see any results. I was meassured the day and was suppose to be meassured again 3 days later and that never happened because they know that its DOESN'T work. These Wraps should be call DOESN'T WORK.....BODY!!!! My advise....Dont fall for... READ MORE

I am a plus size mommy working on loosing weight. As I started to loose weight I realized I had a lot of loose yucky skin. I was skeptical about this 45 minutes wrap but my friend had great results so I gave it a try. Not only did I try a wrap but I also started taking Greens which helps detox... READ MORE

So I decided to give this whole bodywrap a try. First I was measured, after she placed the wrap on my abdominal area then they explained the ingredients in the body wrap and the must do list I had to keep it on for ten hours and drink plenty of water half your body weight in ounces. They also... READ MORE

I kept the wrap on for 5 hrs. When I removed the wrap there was a noticable red mark on my skin where the wrap was. I ignorned it thinking it would just fade away, which it didn't. The next day the red mark worsened and was so uncomfortable. It's been 4 days since I used the wrap and I still... READ MORE

I would like to try this product, I have a friend who claims she saled this product for $40, I dont know if this is the real deal or what so can I have the number to a distributer. I would like to try this product, I have a friend who claims she saled this product for $40,I would like to try... READ MORE

I had no results what so ever from this product after 4 tries of wraps in the same area with the cream, and when I tried to return the product they said it would cost $50 to return my unopened product. Such a scam of a company! I am having problems stopping the auto draft and the customer... READ MORE

I've done 8 Wraps. 72 hours apart each wrap. Dry brushed... Used coffee grains. Used the defining gel. Drank water water water. I exercise and eat within my calories. My pooch is still as big as its been. No results for me. They tell me try with greens? No. I'm not going to. Just doesn't work... READ MORE

Hi i just tried this infrared body wrap today called Thermojet Morfologic. It is supposed to increase one's metabolic rate and also to reduce cellulite. Im not sure if it works although i hope it does :) I have tried hot blanket before n it didnt work n i dislike that hotness. This thermojet... READ MORE

After a new distributor raved about the wraps, I decided to try it. I was hesitant because quite frankly I know better and we all know the right way to lose is through diet and exercise. I read about it and it seemed harmless so I decided to try it. I was told I could leave it on for 10 hours... READ MORE

I have an acquaintance who is a distributor of the It Works wraps. She has had amazing results using a combination of 4 or 5 of their products so I thought I'd give it a try and support her. Unfortunately, the wraps did not work for me. Not one single inch lost. I am a healthy, active 30... READ MORE

I had my first baby back in November and was feeling uncomfortable in my "new body" and was working out eating right, nothing seemed to really get rid of the baby belly. So I saw these ultimate body applicators and heard some great stories, one of my girlfriends lost 6'' in one wrap! I was... READ MORE

I tried these wraps, and I have to say, they're called 'It Works' because it works! I got mine from www.***.com and only paid $59 for 4 (I signed up as a loyal customer to get the best price). So far I've done 2 wraps, and I've lost a little over 2 inches from my stomach. I'm really impressed,... READ MORE

I've used the wrap once before, it's been about a year and I'm wearing another one currently. The first wrap I used, I wore for 45 minutes and lost a little over four inches. I've also used the defining gel on my thighs and a big ugly scar on my wrist for about three days. The scar I will say... READ MORE

Save your money! The rep takes your credit card for your first three wraps. One month later, she sends you a text. OH, your next set of wraps will be arriving soon! :0 If you try to cancel, they tell you there is a $50 cancellation fee. Its' a scam. They try to sell you the idea to be a rep,... READ MORE

I did 6 wraps on my belly area. No difference at all. I drank tons of water and followed all instructions. I am "regular" so it's nothing "backed up". I eat very healthy and also regularly exercise 3 x a week for 1 hour cardio and light weight training for an addition 15 to 20 min each day. The... READ MORE

The WRAPS are a scam! The results are TEMPORARY! Why can't people just eat healthy and exercise for PERMANENT results! You're wasting your money on a cheap product that doesn't do anybody any good! I left the product on for more than 45 minutes because the distributors/host of the party could... READ MORE

I am a pretty thin girl. i just have a little bit of a pouch in my stomach. i have back problems and working out my abs kills my back. so i kicked around the idea of trying a wrap. finally i made the decision to give it a shot. so a friend of mine sent one to me in the mail since i live out of... READ MORE

While I have alot of friends that are using these products with great success, I think I have had a really bad reaction to it. I am curious if others have had the same experience. I did my first wrap the day I started my period (by coincidence). I left it on for 45 min. My period stopped... READ MORE

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