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This non-surgical treatment—where you are literally wrapped up, usually in some combination of organic material and gauze—is intended to burn fat and remove stretch marks. LEARN MORE ›
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I am a pretty thin girl. i just have a little bit of a pouch in my stomach. i have back problems and working out my abs kills my back. so i kicked around the idea of trying a wrap. finally i made the decision to give it a shot. so a friend of mine sent one to me in the mail since i live out of... READ MORE

While I have alot of friends that are using these products with great success, I think I have had a really bad reaction to it. I am curious if others have had the same experience. I did my first wrap the day I started my period (by coincidence). I left it on for 45 min. My period stopped... READ MORE

I applied the body applicator wrap and left on for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Immediately after taking it off I had lost 1.5 inches. Before I went to bed (approximately 5-6 hours later) I was down 3.5. The next morning I was down a total of 5 inches. All in one wrap. I know someone else that has... READ MORE

This stuff is a bunch of crap!!! There should be a guarantee. They make you sign up for 3 months at least and then it doesnt work and they wont let you return it without being penalized for $60. I am reporting you to the BBB. I called customer service and the person had an I dont care attitude.... READ MORE

I was first introduced to It Works wraps by my cousin almost two years ago. She had experienced great results but I did not try it at the time. I thought that it was a scheme and would not work for me. Our weight loss and body image concerns were different so I assumed that my problems were too... READ MORE

I ordered 4 body wrap packs.... Reluctantly. I have been cutting them in half and using them on my left arm only. I have done two wraps so far and I have to say, I am surprised! When I compare my arms there is a definate difference! I will tell you that I did not measure my arm, as directed,... READ MORE

I am a personal trainer, and I will start off by saying there is NO substitute for eating right and exercise to lose weight and fat. That said, I have personally found that wraps are helpful for toning up the skin while you are losing weight. I became a trainer, because I've been there and... READ MORE

I have gotten a body wrap before it was the best thing ever! Let me explain something first. A body wrap does NOT make u lose weight. U stay the same weight u were before. Wat it does is tighten ur skin so u measure a smaller number. I did the body wrap because my body was a rectangle. I had no... READ MORE

I was foolish and fell for the 'quick fix' even though I knew better - and spent well over $300 on 12 wraps. I followed the instructions to a T and used 6 wraps on my stomach, and split the remaining between my thighs and arms. I didn't lose a single inch during any of my wraps. At most, my... READ MORE

Did four wraps, overnight for each. 3 on stomach area, 1 cut in half and placed on arms. Absolutely NO inch loss. Tightening of the skin for a few days after each wrap, but no results otherwise. Complete waste of money. I drink over 64oz of water a day, and have a lot of weight to lose. Very... READ MORE

So about 6 months ago I was turned on to the Mlis Wrap for inchloss and possibly weightloss depending on what claims you believe. I was petite 5"1 115lbs (ideal weight 104lbs) and only 28 years old. No kids, never had surgery. I am frequently bloated for no reason and have a strict diet that I... READ MORE

Total waste of your money. The first wrap i wore for 45 mins like your suppose to and seen no results. So with the next wrap i wore while i slept hoping if i wore it longer i would see something. Instead i got the side effect from it THE FLU. I'm going on day 3 with a runny nose, trouble... READ MORE

I have had some wieght loss, but no thanks to the body applicators. i bought the whole system with the wraps, the gels, greens, and protein mix, and carb inhibitors. i have had NO results from the body wrap. the only wieght loss i have had is from drinking lots of water and working out. i havent... READ MORE

I just used the wrap for the first time and although I didn't see the immediate results that others have, I did lose 2" after 72 hours. I used an ace wrap to secure it in place rather than saran wrap and that seemed to work quite well. I left it on for about 1 1/2 hours, during which it was cool... READ MORE

I used two wraps, within 144 hours of each other, and wore them for over 4 hours each time. Absolutely NO RESULTS, and extremely dissapointed!! All the reasons they suggest it may not work have nothing to do with me. I am a very "clean" eater. I am a vegetarian, i don't EVER drink pop, rarely... READ MORE

I did not think this product would really work...Until I saw the resaults of real people that I REALLY KNEW!! I was excited to see such great results from people I actually knew so was willing to give it a try. As I figured, it didnt work for me:( I am on thyroid medicine and have been told that... READ MORE

I had my first wrap on Wednesday, May 30. I did my neck and chin area and the wrap was applied by a friend who is a licensed aethetician. She cleansed and prepared the area and then applied the wrap which was left on for about 50 minutes. I have seen definite results; the turkey neck and... READ MORE

My cousin is a distributor and gave me a pretty good deal. I got 8 wraps and a bottle of defining gel. I wrapped a total of 6 times (3x on different body parts) and there was NO visual or measurable difference. I did everything I was supposed to. Hot shower to open the pores, leaving them on... READ MORE

I am getting ready for a Ball next Friday and wanted to drop some extra inches before the event. Before I decided to get the wrap, I did LOTS of research and went through lots of reviews of the body wrap...just to make sure it wasn't a total hoax. After I decided that the wrap was a good... READ MORE

I bought the "loyal customer" 3 month package and used it exactly as it instructs. I even left the wraps on an additional hour each time to maximize the results. I wrapped the same area 3 times in 3 weeks and... NOTHING!! I really wanted to see some positive results, but was very... READ MORE

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