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Body wraps are a non-surgical treatment typically using some combination of organic material and gauze. Wraps are designed to tone and tighten skin, while also helping the body to burn fat. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm using the Universal body wrap home kit, it comes with everything you need but I suggest putting plastic wrap over the bandages to keep it extra toasty. Basically you relax for 45min and drink heaps of water during the treatment. I have done 2 so far and I'm liking what I see :) They have... READ MORE

Used one wrap and this is my result in 72 hours. About to invest in a 4 pack now that I know it works, really works! :) I've used a lott of products that were just a waste of time. False Advertising And So On. I Choose It Works For A Lifetime. Most people would disregard this I promise you there... READ MORE

Running into every obstacle there is, since having my son I've done nothing but gain weight. A woman I found through facebook had a promotional offer, two wraps, three greens, and a water bottle for $20, how could I resist. First wrap I left on over night and I was skeptical, didn't see any... READ MORE

I've been checking these out for a while and have been so skeptical. I decided to take my chances and I just ordered some wraps. I have had a child, and lost 50 pounds! BUT diet and exercise couldn't tighten my skin back up. I'm trying these out to see how it goes! I'm female, 5'3", 118 lbs, and... READ MORE

I don't drink enough water but I still see a difference I just woke up I haven't ate yet I just did it first thing in the morning I can't wait to do another one next week hopefully I'll be able to drink more water I used mio in the water to help in the bra is the before picture and the shirt is... READ MORE

Was at a tanning salon. Meh, nothing special. You get in a plastic suit and into a heated sleeping bag type thing and cook for 60 minutes under a fan with a movie. Did 3 sessions 3 days in a row. Results, nothing particular. Didn't notice much bodywise. Said it tightened, but not enough to... READ MORE

Hey guys! My name's Jager and I'm editor here at RealSelf. We've gotten a ton of questions recently about body wraps, most specifically It Works body wraps. As you can see on this page, the reviews are really inconclusive... and the Worth It rating certainly doesn't back up the company's claims.... READ MORE

As a Community Manager at RealSelf I've pretty much seen it all. We've all been curious about the home-treatment body wraps so as the CM of Body Wraps I was given the opportunity to test and review the It Works brand wraps. In all honestly I do not believe they will work one bit, but I'm happy... READ MORE

It feels tingly for about 15 mins then it feels as if you are sweating in the area with the tingly and firming tightening feeling. I am not a seller. Came to a belly wrap party and did it. I did see results. I have a kid with bad lost skin and I saw that it helped my loose skin a little bit and... READ MORE

I love the body wraps!! Yes, I was keptical at first..45 minutes are you serious. But, the wrap really took off 2 inches in the first hour. I wrapped again 72 hours later. And would you believe another inch lose. I drank the required amount of water to help flush out the toxin. I completed my 90... READ MORE

I saw this non-surgical body slimming on Dr. Oz show and decided to find a local provider who provides this service. My provider is Herbal Mineral Spa. Overall It's a very effective procedure with no down-time. I'm choosing a non-surgical slimming method so there is no scarring. This is... READ MORE

I just ordered my wraps. I've been hearing it works and doesn't on some ppl. I have 3 kids im usually 118 lbs but after my last baby last july can't seem to get rid of little pudge I have (I'm 126)very slight but I want to look as close to before I had him. Since I just ordered my wraps from a... READ MORE

I had a neck and chin wrap this evening. When the demonstrator took before and after pics and showed them to me, I noticed a difference but nothing amazing. I didn't buy any additional product (the demonstration cost $25). When I arrived home, I took an after pic and compared it to my own... READ MORE

This was my first time with the wrap. Before treatment i was 140 and after I was 140. The purpose of the wrap is to put minerals in the skin while being wrap. By being wrap for 1 hour the toxin is exchange for the minerals. After the wrap was completed I lost 10 1/2 inches. I'm a female... READ MORE

Well I was super excited by this, it took like a month or so until i actually get the wraps, i tried i took bath and then wrap and water an no! results. definatley by skin feels refresh but it doesnt work! i drank a liter eith wrap and like 3 liters daily so thats 4 lt, salad for lunch,... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old mother of 2. Loosing weight has been my focus for as long as I can remember. Although I was successful in loosing almost 35 pounds on my own, I still had this extra ugly looking skin. I've searched around these types of reviews and came across the lipo applicator body wraps. I... READ MORE

I used this a year ago. 1. its very uncomfortable and even with the max time of 8 hours, I didn't see results. I did the 4 wraps which where $100 from the person I bought it from, and after using all 4 wraps, I didn't see ANY change at all!! So not worth it! Don't waste your time and money on... READ MORE

Honestly, I was all hyped seeing other peoples' results that I decided to try it. After the 2nd was, I still see no difference. In fact, my stomach (the only area I'm wrapping due to having a baby two months ago) has sagged more and looks bigger! As if I am bloated! Thank goodness I did not sign... READ MORE

My children are in their 40's, and I've been carrying around an extra "tummy" for several years. A friend recommended that I buy into the process, as she was doing it, too! After two months, neither of us has seen much difference. In retrospect, it reminds me of the fat-melting jiggle... READ MORE

When I first got the wraps I was sooo pumped and signed as a loyal customer.. Thought I saw results at first but the more packages I got the wraps were VERY dried out and had hardly any lotion or whatever it is on them! It was a total waste of time and money!!! And ultimately saw no difference... READ MORE

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