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ActiveFX, also called MaxFX, is fractional laser technology used an anti-aging treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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Today is the 3rd day since I had the ActiveFX laser done on my entire face. I did it because of the sun damage spots. Many people who saw me before I had it said "I don't think you need it". I was also looking haggard and old. I'm turning 41 this year. I wanted something that would not take... READ MORE

Please do not have this procedure done. it is very risky! i had active fx 4 weeks ago and still suffering. i am in my 40's and very healthy. i had reasonably nice skin before the procedure and had active fx because of a few brown spots and some minor lines. the laser was not unbearable.... READ MORE

I had my first Active FX procedure done at the end of June 2009. I was given medication at the office that knocked me out. I didn't feel much while they were doing the procedure. I had it done at 9am and don't remember much until around 9pm. I slept in a recliner chair the first day and... READ MORE

-I was having rhinoplasty and decided to try to improve my acne scarring, so I can't comment on pain during procedure as I was out. I have had acne since high school, and I am 33- female. I somehow seem to scar from every pimple or scratch, so I was VERY hesitant to have a laser trea READ MORE

I had the Active FX procedure performed on my entire face on December 30th to repair fine lines under my eyes. The doctor recommended the procedure be performed on my entire face to avoid differing skin tone on the rest of the face after the eyes were lasered. I went along with her... READ MORE

I’m a 54 year old, non-smoking vegetarian female who works out regularly, so I’m in excellent health and I look a lot younger than my age. However, when I turned 50, I started seeing the inevitable signs of being alive five decades, specifically, fine lines around my mouth and chin, as well... READ MORE

I had active fx on December 19,2009. I am scared my skin is still red and blotchy so I fear hyperpigmentation.But what scares me even more than that is I also had laser on my eye lids and now my bottom eyelids look scared or damaged. One eyelid looks like if you scratch yourself and the skin... READ MORE

Since I used this site as a great resource in researching my own treatment, I thought it only fair to provide my own experience to help others. I am 57 years old, and yesterday had Active FX done on my neck and upper chest to tighten the beginnings of crepey skin and some sun spots. I also... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old, light skinned caucasion female. I had Total FX in April and then again in September to reduce acne scars.I had some pain during the procedure, but nothing unbearable. After each procedure I had about a week of downtime - I felt fine, but wasn't able to wear make-up. The... READ MORE

Halfway through my procedure, 2 weeks post Deep Fx. This is probably the best technology so far for the results. Had cystic acne and sun damage, 47yrs old. The results are much better than I expected.I am a realist with these procedures. The first week looked a bit frightening with all the... READ MORE

I read this website up and down while preparing to do my Active FX so I do feel the need to write about my experience. If you want the quick summary, check out the end.For starters, it is important to note I am a 28 year old male and did this for acne scars.Month before procedure: Doc has me do... READ MORE

I have a lifelong background in outdoor activities and sun exposure. Recently, after extensive exposure, my face started to show horrible discoloration and spotting. I went to multiple doctors and clinics throughout Seattle, as well as in California. I was told time and time again that my... READ MORE

I am a 29 yr old male and had acne during my teens and early 20s and was left with some scarring (mild/moderate) and dark spots over mainly my cheeks and chin. I went to get the active FX laser done to hopefully get some of it cleared up.I did this procedure exactly 2 weeks ago, and I am rather... READ MORE

I ended up with "post treatment hyperpigmentation" under both eyes and now need further treatments, bleaching creams, etc. to get rid of the dark brown and redish scarring under my eys. I am 50 and had some fairly deep wrinkles under the eyes and thin skin, but pretty clear, smooth skin... READ MORE

I had my neck and face done. It is now 2 months later. I had deep Active FX on some areas of my face per the doctor. Painful but I wanted this done. Face was very swollen and red, and eyes swollen 3/4 shut. Red skin diminised but it took about 6 weeks. Now I have brown spots and white... READ MORE

I had quite creppy pigmented skin for 37. My job (area i no longer work in) had me working in quite harsh conditions. I did wear SPF 50 daily but it still took its toll. I had Deep Active FX to remove pigmentation and tighten my skin.I had Deep Active FX Done in November 08 and again in February... READ MORE

I had the Active FX done on Saturday, June 28, In Doylestown. Paid $1500; if i have subsequent treatments, they will cost $750. The doctor recommends having them done twice per year for anti-aging. I'm 53 and have some crows feet & sagging. Also have lines above my lip from smoking. ... READ MORE

I wanted a treatment mainly for acne scarring on the sides of my face (both indented and ice picked). I also was looking for just a smoother appearance overall. After trying microdermabrasion and light chemical peels at my dermatologists office, I saw absolutely no results. The esthetician at my... READ MORE

I had my active fx procedure done on Thursday, today is day 3 since the treatment. An hour before my treatment, my faced was prepped with numbing cream. I was told by my doctor that the actual procedure would sting a bit like hot sand hitting your face, but an assistant would be blowing cool air... READ MORE

Wish list - improvement in sagging neck, wrinkles above lips and around eyes - 1st day out - face deep red, uncomfortable but not unbearable. Procedure was a bit uncomfortable especially around the mouth - no anesthesia other than lidocaine gel. Will keep site updated 2 daysout  -... READ MORE

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