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ActiveFX, also called MaxFX, is fractional laser technology used an anti-aging treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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I had this procedure as I wanted to remove all the sun sports and damage from my skin - also wanted to feel good about myself - this procedure certainly did all that and the down time was not that long - from day of procedure to make-up was 6 days! READ MORE

I'm 40 with light wrinkles and crepiness beginning under my eyes that I wanted to tighten up and to get rid of freckles. I had Active & Deep FX done in January by a very skilled, well known dr. After the pain, swelling, itching, and peeling subsided after 7 days, and my skin was nice... READ MORE

Im 22 and have very slight lines under my eyes and some excess skin on my upper lids. (hereditary) I got Active fx for the eye area and after months saw no improvement, not even to the fine lines under my eyes. The doctor told me because i am so young my results should be better than that... READ MORE

I had Active FX on my face, neck, and chest about ten months ago. I'm 45 and hoped for fewer fine lines and less accordion pleating on my lower cheeks. The procedure was very stressful. It's loud, you wear light-proof contacts on your eyes, and you can smell burning flesh. I was... READ MORE

Had Active FX in January with a week of miserable swelling, weeping, flaking, then another week of itchy redness, then terrible itchy acne breakouts. Now, almost 2 months later my skin looks EXACTLY the same as before the procedure. The second week after the procedure, I was cautiously... READ MORE

I had the procedure almost 3 weeks ago. It was done by my dermatologist, whom I've been seeing for 8 years. Gotta say, my poor face looks so much worse than it did before the procedure. My face is still very hot and sore. My jaw (jowls) do look slightly better, but the lines around my mouth... READ MORE

I had this procedure in the summer of 2009. I have enlarged pores and some scaring from acne. I have had a lower face lift in 2001 {not performed by the same surgeon}, my upper and lower eyes done, laser resurfacing,dermabrasion and Restalyne. The texture of my skin was changing for the worse... READ MORE

I had Active Fx 6 days ago and I am thrilled. Before I did it, I asked my doctor if she thought I would need a face life and she said no. Since I'm 64 I was dubious, but I really think she's right. It erased most of my wrinkles and really tightened my face. My doctor said that she... READ MORE

It has been 1 year and 5 months and my face is still yellow (pigmented) and looks like a mask. I wish I never did. Thermage was much better without the down time. READ MORE

I am 62 have already had a face liftand eye correction in 2006.I trust this doctor and he is so excited about the results he has had with Active FX. But with the results I have read here almost 50/50 with pros and cons I have really become extremely anxious of whether I should get it done or not... READ MORE

Overall, at this point (almost 5 weeks post active fx on face, neck, chest), my face looks horrible. It looked better two weeks after, but progressively got redder and darker red areas around eyes. Also have a small rash under each eye, not sure from what? Have been diligent about sunblock,... READ MORE

4 weeks after laser resurfacing around my upper and lower eye lids still have bumps around my eyes, and texture of the face like sand paper , not smooth and very hard to put make up over it. Does anyone know if it is a common side effect and how to treat it. My complexion is fair and my skin... READ MORE

Late 30's male, had Active/Deep Fx treatment to my face 10 days ago. At first, everything seemed good- dead skin was coming off, new skin underneath looked incredible. But some skin came off too fast, leaving red patches. Also, now that swelling is completely gone, i see old indents and fine... READ MORE

I'm a 40+ chicken with some wrinkling and sagging around the eyes starting, freckles, and large pores, too. I tried Retin-A and all kinds of other products, but decided I should save my money and do something that actually makes a difference. It took me 2 years to get up enough courage... READ MORE

A month ago i had ActiveFX Lite. I now have bags/loose puffy skin, closest to the inner corner of my eyes. One eye is worse than than the other. It also seems like I now have no fat left and it looks like I have very bad darkness in the corner of my eyes. I went back to my provider who said I... READ MORE

I had Active FX laser with spot dermabrasion done yesterday for acne scars. My main problem was my cheeks and that is where he started with the dermabrasion, then active fx over the full face. I had the numbing cream, the shots, then the procedure began. The dermabrasion was nothing, I could not... READ MORE

I had acne scars and "craters" in my skin from a bad break out as an adult (after being on Accutane) and the procedure went well. After the procedure, it burned for about 1 hour (felt like a sun burn) but that went away quickly. For the next few days i washed my face 3 times a day... READ MORE

Before the Active FX treatment, i did not had visible wrinkles, but i wanted my skin to be more tight. After the laser treatment wrinkles appeared after a few weeks/months, and they are still getting deeper !!! I think the treatment makes your skin more fragile and wrinkles appear. I'm so... READ MORE

I had the first of two Total Fx procedures done on my face yesterday and I must say this technology is remarkable !! It was relatively pain free throughout the procedure and I only noticed slight discomfort in certain areas of my face where the Active Fx laser was following the Deep Fx laser... READ MORE

PROS: Brightened and evened out skin tone; no pain; quick procedure; minimal downtime; no scarring CONS: Not big help for deep scars and wrinkles I am a 41-year old Caucasian female. I have noticeable scars from a dermabrasion done wrong in my 20s, acne s READ MORE

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