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Accent Laser uses radiofrequency (RF) technology as a cellulite treatment and to tighten skin. Doctors usually recommend six treatments, and results can last up to 18 months.
Average Price: $1,850

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I'm only 37 but in the past year or so have noticed the very real beginnings of "turkey neck". Yikes! I went to a med spa thinking maybe I should have SmartLipo, but the saleswoman recommended Accent XL instead. A great suggestion, although I didn't go back there because they... READ MORE

I had my first treatment with the Accent XL on Wednesday of this week (i signed up for a series of 5) on my front thighs. The experience was pleasant, and so far so good. I have done a lot of research and I believe the success of the treatment has more to do with your expectations, and the... READ MORE

I decided to try Accent in hopes of tightening loose skin and improving my cellulite. I had one treatment on the front of my thighs when this laser first came out over two years ago in the the Northern Virginia area and found it to be very painful so I did not return, even though I saw results.... READ MORE

I met a gal who has been doing this for many years and actually trains doctors. I am currently doing my legs for hair removal and she asked me to be her "model" for a training session with a doctor for the Accent. I accepted and it was free. I must say, I noticed a... READ MORE

I had 6 treatments, one every other week, on the stomach/abdomen area. I am thin, but wanted the skin on my stomach to be tighter. I started the treatments in March and ended in May. I saw NO change then and it is now January, and there are no results. Ever since I started getting the... READ MORE

I've had 5 out of 6 accent treatments to tighten the skin on my inner thighs. I was told this would be the best treatment for me, that it would re-shape and tighten my thighs. There has been absolutely no change. They didn't take any measurements on my first day, which I thought was suspicious... READ MORE

I have had 2 treatments, and I am extremely dissapointed. I have not seen ANY results. I decided to do this to only tighten a very small area of loose skin from having a c-section with my daughter. I am a size 0-2, and was never looking to lose any weight which I have not, only to tighten skin.... READ MORE

I tried this Accent X L and I saw no change after 6 treatments on my thighs. I too was told I was a good candidate and that they could 'zap the fat and cellulite away' with no pain. Well for me it hurt alot - like someone was burning my legs. I kept saying 'ouch, hot!'. Was a very expensive... READ MORE

I am 39 years old, 155cm tall and weigh 50kg. I have fat around my belly and abdomen even though I am thin. I was told I was a "perfect" candidate for Accent treatments as my problem was very localised fat. The treatments each lasted about half an hour, with a fair amount of heat, but... READ MORE

I had never heard of the Accent XL before my doctor offered me the treatment. I had a total of 4 treatments. I had the treatments on my stomach and upper legs. Did not see any results untill about 2 weeks after the second treatment. After the fourth treatment I lost a total of 3 inches off... READ MORE

I had 12 treatments on my thighs, buttocks, and stomach.  Not one bit of difference.  I spoke with the Accent rep at my 4th visit, and he said just give it time.  Well at 12 sessions every 2 weeks, I gave it plenty of time.  I started in February and ended in August. ... READ MORE

I had 8 treatments done to the thighs and upper back leg area. The heat was barable, and relaxing, but the tratment itself did absolutely nothing! i have stubborn cellulite in this area, and not even a bit of difference. i wasnt expecting a miracle, but i could put the money towards lipo, and... READ MORE

I had six Accent treatments on my stomach and saw little if any difference.  Yes, I drank the equivalent of half of my body weight and achieved high temps.  The treaments were not painful, though they took longer than I expected. If anything, it may have improved the tone of my... READ MORE

I have tried many times losing weight, hitting the gyms, but none seems to work. I tried LPG, velashape, and lipodissolve, but none seems to help. I almosts gave up until my doctor told me about ths accent he is offering. After 3 months of intensive accent treatments on my fat face, and tummy,... READ MORE

It was really hot, felt like a stone massage or spa. I did not see any result at all until 2 weeks later after my forth treatment. Since then, I have lost about 2 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my inner thigh. My cellulite did improve alot but it did not go away completely. I am happy with... READ MORE

Hit the big 40 and getting jowels and a little double chin. Thought Accent would help but it made NO difference at all. Quite a lot of time and money wasted. 6 trips to the doctor at intervals of 2 weeks. Not ultra painful but a bit sore - the hotter it feels the more it is supposedly... READ MORE

I first went to a leading NYC Dermo for this treatment and although it was only 15 min. for full thighs and partial buttocks, I had noticed my thighs were a little smaller. They did not rub. I left this Dr. because it was only 15 mins. for the areas prescribed and the normal amount of time... READ MORE

I had 2 of 5 treatments so far. No results visible yet. No real pain but an occassional hot spot feels like a quick poke or rubberband snapping on your skin. In a 40 minute session, this happened only twice. I'll post if the remaining 3 sessions show any progress. READ MORE

I had a total of 6 treatments on both my face and back of my thighs. I was blown away with results after my 3rd treatment. I could really see my legs smoothing out and they felt amazingly tighter. In regards to my face, it will never replace my Botox treatments, but my nasolabial folds reduced... READ MORE

I have had five treatments in various body areas with absolutely no results..even the clinitian said I had no result. I am wondering if other people with the same problem contacted the provider and received any compensation. I do not think they accurately program the laser, they start it... READ MORE

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